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Policy roundtable: Universities and innovation in international development in Southeast Asia

Universities and innovation in international development in Southeast Asia

8 MAY 2015
09.00 - 16.00
Darlington Centre Conference Room
The University of Sydney

The international development landscape has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Hundreds of millions of people have been lifted out of poverty and a large number of countries have graduated from receiving development assistance to providing aid themselves.

In an increasingly contested space, development agencies are searching for new tools, technologies, and approaches – what are often called innovative solutions – to the complex challenge of reducing poverty. The new innovation agenda creates opportunities and challenges for development agencies, and does not just focus on new technologies or scientific breakthroughs that might come from the university sector.

Universities have traditionally played a strong role in driving innovation in their respective economies. In theory, this suggests that universities are well placed to be part of the new innovation agenda. But, in practice, universities have had a mixed record working with development agencies to support their agenda.

At this event, university researchers, NGOs, and development practitioners will discuss what innovation means to them and how universities can best contribute to the new innovation agenda and potential challenges in doing so.

Thank you to RTI International and the ACFID University Network for supporting the event.

Please RSVP by Monday 30 April via to Samuel Bashfield. Further information and the final program are now available.