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Policy Roundtable

Innovative teaching on Southeast Asia

13 May 2016

The University of Sydney has identified innovative teaching and learning as a priority, aiming to improve students’ learning experiences as supported by a number of educational innovation grants and awards for academics and tutors that have excelled in the field of student learning.

Recognising the University’s focus, the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, will be holding a roundtable on innovative teaching on Southeast Asia. The event will bring together academics from around Australia that are creatively engaging with the region in their teaching, and academics that would like to incorporate innovative practice in their own teaching. Through discussion and sharing of experiences, the roundtable will broaden awareness of modes of teaching and shed light on the various teaching pathways that can be used to engage students with Southeast Asia.

Call for presenters and participants

Potential presenters who feel they have relevant experience are invited to apply to a particular panel. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for presenters coming from outside Sydney.

People wishing to attend the roundtable must also apply as there will be limited spaces. Travel costs will not be covered.

If you wish to be a presenter at this roundtable, please complete and submit this form. If you wish to attend the conference as an audience member, please submit this form.

Please only fill in one form, those applying to present will automatically be considered as attendees.