Investing in your experience

What sets the University of Sydney apart?
Exceptional facilities, an innovative edge and the drive to challenge traditional ways of thinking.

Innovative learning environment

The Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology

The Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology

Our labs, teaching spaces and learning hubs are designed to help you get the most out of your learning experience. They incorporate the latest technology and equipment and allow interactive study, research and collaboration.

Some of our first-rate facilities include:

  • Raymond Kirby Robotics Teaching Lab
    Equipped with the latest robotic and microcontroller-based hardware and software along with a 180 centimetre tall humanoid robot called Baxter.
  • Sydney Invention Studio
    Can help you turn your ideas into reality with 3D-printing technology, laser cutters, electronics testing and other machinery to develop and manufacture prototypes.
  • Centre for Carbon, Water and Food
    Dedicated to solving food and environmental issues.
  • Charles Perkins Centre
    Aims to ease the burden of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease by translating the work of the University of Sydney into real-world solutions.
  • IA Watson Grains Research Institute
    The biggest centre of its kind in Australia that is finding better ways to grow cereals, pulses, beans and peas.

Investing in your future

We’re committed to creating a place where ideas and innovations flourish.

The Engineering and Technology precinct is undergoing a multimillion-dollar revitalisation project that will provide an environment in which our leading researchers and students can thrive and realise their full potential. The project will include new multidisciplinary learning and research spaces that reflect our culture of innovation and scholarship.

Our plans for a new life, earth and environmental sciences facility will bring together scientists like never before. For the first time, students and researchers from diverse faculties will work and learn together in a single, ultra-modern complex. It will foster multidisciplinary collaboration that will lead the way forward to an exciting new era of education and research.