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Transferring courses

Taking a new direction

If you've decided you'd like to change what you're studying at the University of Sydney, you may be able to transfer to a different degree.

There are many reasons you may want to transfer into a new course.

Perhaps your initial course didn’t meet your expectations, or you entered university with the intention of transferring to another course after the first year. The option to transfer gives you a second shot at your preferred course if you don’t quite meet the entry requirements to get in straight from school.

Before you apply

Speak to your faculty adviser first about options within your current degree. You may be able to restructure your units to avoid a transfer. If you decide that a transfer is the best course of action, your faculty can advise you about options.

You may also be eligible for credit for previous study to carry across to your new degree. For advice, talk to the faculty that you are transferring to.

Allowable course transfers

What is it?

The simplest way to change degrees is by transferring to a course allowed by your faculty. This might include upgrading or downgrading your award course, or transferring from a double degree into a single degree.

You can see what courses are allowed by your faculty in Sydney Student. Go to 'My studies', 'Course details', 'Request course transfer', then select 'continue' to view the options available.

When to apply

If you are a coursework student, you need to apply for a transfer after the release of results and before the next semester starts. This gives us time to process your application and ensure it is finalised by the time you need to enrol.

If you are a research student, you should submit your application before the next research period starts.

If you submit your application after census date, your transfer will not take effect until the following semester or research period.

How to apply

You can apply for an allowable transfer in Sydney Student. Go to ‘My studies’, ‘Course details’, then ‘Request course transfer’.

You will need to select the course you would like to transfer to, provide a reason for your request and upload any supporting documents.

Internal course application

What is it?

If your transfer is not an allowable course transfer visible in Sydney Student, you will need to make an internal course application directly to the University (not through UAC).

If you meet the admission requirements, and there are places available, you will receive a new offer from the University.

If you are an international student, you will be issued with a new electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE).


This option is only available to undergraduate award course students.

If you are an undergraduate non-award or cross-institutional student and wish to undertake a Bachelor's degree, you will need to apply through UAC.

If you are a postgraduate student and want to change to a course that is not an allowable transfer, you will need to make a new application through Find a course.

How to apply

Applications are open:

  • for Semester 1 - September to end of January
  • for Semester 2 - early May to end of June.

Log in to Sydney Student and go to 'My studies', 'Course details', then 'Internal course application'.

Here you will select the new course name and indicate whether you would like to apply for credit.

You'll either be shown a receipt of successful submission or directed to allowable course transfer if your new course falls under it.

Assessment criteria

If you have completed less than 48 credit points at the end of this semester, your application to transfer will be based on the qualification that was used to gain entry to your current degree, usually your ATAR or equivalent.

Once you have accumulated more than 48 credit points, your performance in your current degree becomes a factor in determining your eligibility if it is better than your previous results.

If you entered your undergraduate degree under an alternative entry pathway, any benefit you gained in addition to your ATAR does not carry across to your new application. 

What happens next

In most cases, we will need to wait for your current semester results to be released. For Semester 1, offers are mainly made at the same time as the UAC Main Round in mid to late January. For Semester 2 entry, offers will be made in July.

If successful, you may be able to go into the second year of your new course, depending on the amount of transferable credit you are granted from your previous studies.

If you decide to take up your new offer you will need to discontinue from your current course.

What about postgraduate? 

If you are a postgraduate student and want to change to a course that is not an allowable course transfer, you will need to make a new application through Find a course.

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