Media and Crisis

Expert journalists discuss the media's reporting on major social crisis
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Cultural Competence

Professor Tawara Goode on cultural competence and cutting edge innovations
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Gus O’Donnell

Former head of the UK Civil Service on public policy and wellbeing
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Modernism in Art

What was philosophy’s response?
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21st Century Medicine

Podcasts of the lectures are now available
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Food@Sydney Seminars

Listen to podcasts of the series
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Six Drug Myths you Probably Believe

A pharmacist tells all
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Beyond 1914

Find out about the University of Sydney and the Great War
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Upcoming Events

  • 1 December

     Professor Roger Burrowa

    Professor Roger Burrows, Goldsmiths, University of London on Living by Numbers? metrics, algorithms and the sociology of everyday life
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  • 5 December

     Public Media Social Crisis

    A forum of journalists discuss Public Media and Social Crisis
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  • 9 December

     Professor Tawara Goode

    Professor Tawara Goode, Georgetown University on Leadership for Cultural Competence: innovations at the cutting edge to achieve change
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  • 15 December

     Professor Lisa Randal

    Professor Lisa Randall, Harvard University on Knocking on Heaven's Door: how physics and scientific thinking illuminate the universe and the modern world
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