Upcoming Events

  • 1 April

     Professor Andrea Ghez

    Professor Andrea Ghez, Professor of Physics & Astronomy at UCLA on The Monster at the Heart of our Galaxy
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  • 2 April

     Professor Richard Ryan

    Professor Richard Ryan on The (Well-Known) Secrets of Human Motivation: research on facilitating positive engagement using self-determination theory
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  • 9 April

     John Esposito

    Professor John Esposito on The Future of Islam, Democracy and Political Islam after the Arab Spring
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  • 10 April

     May Telmissany

    Professor May Telmissany on Nomadic Citizenship: reflections on exile and revolution
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  • 13 April

     Arab Spring

    A panel discussion on Civil Society and Resilience against Authoritarianism in the Middle East and North Africa: experiences from Tunisia, Egypt, and Bahrain
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  • 20 April

     Catherine Hall

    Professor Catherine Hall on Writing History, Making Race: slave-owners and their stories
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  • 21 April

     Delia Falconer

    Reading Australian Literature with Delia Falconer on Seven Poor Men of Sydney by Christina Stead
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  • 23 April

     Enduring Legacies

    Anzac Day panel discussion on Enduring Legacies
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  • 28 April

     Leni Schwendinger

    US lighting designer Leni Schwendinger on Night-time Design
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  • 29 April

     Human Rights Watch

    Human Rights Watch discussion On the Front Line of Humanitarian Crises
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