Transgender: looking back, moving forward

How do theatre plays, such as The Trouble with Harry contribute to advancing contemporary transgender issues?

A post-performance Q&A co-presented with the Seymour Centre as part of the 2017 Mardi Gras

23 February, 2017

The latest Seymour Centre play, The Trouble with Harry re-imagines the true case of Eugenia Falleni AKA Harry Crawford, a father, husband and alleged murderer that scandalised 1920s Sydney exploring ideas of gender, perversion and complicity.

After the 23 February performance of The Trouble with Harry, join us for a special Q and A discussing the history of transgender (the term that did not yet exist in the time of Harry Crawford), the politics of the play and the role of the performing arts in shaping contemporary thought and opinion on trans issues.

The playwright Lachlan Philpott will be joined by the University of Sydney PhD candidate Rillark Bolton whose research explores the experiences of identity formation and community creation for trans masculine individuals, and Dr Anna Hickey-Moody, Associate Professor in Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney, who will also examine the importance of performance for feminism and queer activism.

The discussion will be chaired by Charles O'Grady.