What's On


Tuesday 3 May
Reading Australian Literature 2016
Nicholas Jose on Dorothy Hewett's Bobbin Up
Presented with the School of Letters, Art and Media at the University of Sydney

Thursday 5 May
Light and the Illusion of Space
Presentation and a panel discussion co-presented with the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning and Department of Theatre and Performance Studies

Tuesday 10 May
A Drop in the Ocean: How Did a Seascape Make Waves in China and Beyond?
Professor Eugene Y. Wang, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of Asian Art at Harvard University
Presented with the Power Institute

Thursday 19 May
In Conversation with Julian Baggini
A Sydney Writers’ Festival event co-presented with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Monday 23 May
Archaeology and Heritage in the Tropical Pacific
Wasteland and Wonderland: Bikini Atoll - from atomic bomb testing ground to World Heritage, a presentation by Dr Steve Brown, Master of Museum and Heritage Studies program.
Sydney’s Missionary Connections to the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) in the 19th Century, a presentation by James Flexner, Department of Archaeology

Thursday 26 May
Eileen Myles: I Must Be Living Twice
Co-presented by the Department of English in the School of Literature, Art and Media in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Friday 27 May
Music and Contemporary Indigenous Identities
Part of the Reconciliation Week 2016
Co-presented with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Research Centre for Music Diversity

Wednesday 1 June
A Garden for Empire and Nation: History and Memory at the Qing Imperial Mountain Estate
Dr Stephen Whiteman, Asian Art History, The University of Sydney
Presented with the China Studies Centre and The Power Institute

Thursday 2 June
Looking Forward and Looking Back: Rashid Johnson and Frederick Douglass on Photography
Shawn Michelle Smith, Professor of Visual and Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Hosted by The Photography Cultures Research Group at the University of Sydney and the Photography. Ontology Symposium

Thursday 16 June
Insights 2016: Lecture Series
The Chinese Enigma: China through European Eyes 1750-1900
Professor Yixu Lu


Wednesday 11 May
Sleep: why it matters and how to get more of it
Professor Ron Grunstein, Sydney Medical School, the University of Sydney
Part of the Health Forums series

17 May
Defending the Aussie Mozzie: health, ecology and emerging disease threats
A forum discussion co-presented by the Marie Bashir Institute of Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity and HARN: Human Animal Research Network

Monday 30 May
Is Too Much Testing and Treatment Making us Sick?
Panel discussion with audience Q&A on the topic of Wiser Healthcare
Co-presented with the Sydney School of Public Health


Wednesday 4 May
What’s the Announceable?: governing in a 24-hour news cycle
A panel discussion co-presented with the Australian Press Council as keynote event in the Press Council’s 40th Anniversary International Conference, and the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney

Tuesday 12 May
Turkey Under the AKP: continuity and change in Islam, secularism and democracy
Assistant Professor Umut Azak, Okan University, Istanbul
Co-presented with the Religion, the State & Society Network and the Authoritarian Politics Research Group in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney

Thursday 19 May
Analytic Activism
Assistant Professor Dave Karpf, Director of Graduate Studies in the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Co-presented with the Australian Political Studies Association research group Political Organisations and Participation, and the University of Sydney research group Everyday Social Media

Monday 23 May
Finis Europae? Untimely meditations of a long standing academic and new politician
Professor Costas Douzinas, Institute for Humanities, Birkbeck College
Co-Presented with the Institute of Social Justice, Australian Catholic University and the Department of Government and International Relation

Tuesday 24 May
A Model of Confusion: why economic modelling is ruining public policy and public debate and what can be done about it
Dr Richard Denniss, Chief Economist, The Australia Institute
The Keith Hancock Lecture co-presented with the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

Wednesday 25 May
Politics, Democracy and Stability in Southeast Asia: exploring the implications of the 2016 Philippine elections
A panel discussion co-presented by the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre and Sydney Democracy Network

Thursday Thursday 4 August
Insights 2016: Lecture Series
For a Political Economy of Space and Place
Professor Adam David Morton

Thursday 8 September
Insights 2016: Lecture Series
Something to Play Every Day: rural retirement culture
Professor Catherine Driscoll

Thursday 3 November
Insights 2016: Lecture Series
Making Persons in Law and History
Professor Andrew Fitzmaurice


Thursday 28 April
Professor Walter Stibbs Lecture 2016 - A Planet for Goldilocks
Dr Natalie Batalha, NASA Ames Research Center and the Mission Scientist for NASA's Kepler Mission
Co-presented with Sydney Institute of Astronomy, School of Physics, Faculty of Science, the University of Sydney

6 May
Saving Indonesia’s Rainforests: using maps, brands and politics to end deforestation
Kiki Taufik, Greenpeace South East Asia
Co-presented with the Sydney Environment Institute in association with Greenpeace Australia Pacific

10 May
The European Space Agency’s Rosetta Mission to Comet-67P
Warwick Holmes, former ESA Avionics System Engineer-Rosetta Project
Co-presented with Sydney SpaceNet

Wednesday 18 May
Small Changes Series - The Social and Material Life of Bottled Water
A panel discussion hosted by Tina Perinotto, Publisher and Managing Editor of The Fifth Estate
Co-presented with Sydney Environment Institute

Monday 23 May
Food@Sydney Series
Agricultural land grabs: What are their impacts Australia and globally?
A panel discussion co-presented with Sydney Environment Institute

Tuesday 7 June
Data: Transforming Science and Society
Presented as part of 2016 Vivid Ideas

Thursday 28 July
Insights 2016: Lecture Series
Participating Publics: engaging with science and technology
Professor Mike Michael