The Avian Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital provides a wide range of services for your birds, snakes, lizards, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, frogs, toads, axolotls and fish. These services include:

New Animal Examinations and Health Checks


Short-necked Turtle Being Examined

When you purchase a new pet we recommend a new animal check to make sure your pet is healthy and you start your pet care the correct way so that they grow into a healthy pet long term.

During the new animal check staff can cover husbandry, housing, dietary, and behavioural information. The can also perform physical examinations vaccinations, blood tests, faecal tests or other testing to evaluate the status of your pet.

They can even help determine the sex of your animal if it is not clearly known.

Yearly Health Examinations

Ferret Examination

Ferret with Dental Disease

As part of our commitment to provide top quality care for our patients, we recommend a yearly examination. During the examinations vets can help establish the changing trends of your pet as they mature into adult, mature and elderly animals.

Vets can often detect, discuss and prevent problems in their early stages before they become serious. Testing may be carried out to monitor various body functions which can detect preventable illnesses ahead of time as your pets mature.

Where required, vaccinations will be given.

Medical Care for Sick Animals

Rabbit - Blood Transfusion

Rabbit Having Blood Transfusion

Just like humans, our pets can suffer from a huge array of illnesses and injuries and these problems require specialist veterinary care. Each species can have their own particular issues and our staff are able to work through each individual problem that your pet may develop.

Dental Care

Dental Care

Guinea Pig Dental

Dental care is an important part of your pets health. We provide preventative and corrective care in rodents, guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets including cleaning, shaping and extractions. We also do corrective shaping of birds beaks.

Part of this dental care is investigating why these issues have occurred so that correct diet, behaviours and routines can be established to help prevent future re-occurrences.

Comprehensive Clinical Pathology and Pathology Services

Sample Under Microscope

Sample Under Microscope

Our pets can’t talk and tell us what is causing them to be sick. We can, however, find a lot of answers to patient’s problems by testing, a range of bodily fluids or biopsies.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging (X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI)

X-Ray Image

X-ray of Turtle with Eggs

Being able to see inside our pets can be an amazing diagnostic tool. A wide range of problems can be diagnosed with the correct images including broken bones, ingestion of foreign objects, heavy metal poisoning, enlarged, contracted, or damaged internal organs, neurological conditions etc.

Soft Tissue and Bone Surgery

Pinned Bone

X-ray of Bone Pinning Surgery

In extreme cases of illness or injury animals may require surgery. Our staff are specially trained in surgical procedures for birds, reptile and small mammals.



Desxing Prevents Offspring and Prevents Other Health Issues

We de-sex male and female rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rodents.

De-sexing not only prevents unwanted offspring in many species it can considerable increase their life span due to other health related issues. De-sexing can also help with behavioural and odour problems in some species.

Our de-sexing procedures are specifically tailored for these types of animal and include;

  • a pre-surgery examination
  • pre-surgery oxygenation to saturate blood levels with oxygen
  • sub cut fluids to prevent dehydration
  • a combination of pre anaesthetic drugs to relax your pet
  • masked anesthetised during the procedure
  • the surgery
  • sterile theatre fee
  • injected pain relief for recovery
  • a day stay in hospital
  • take home pain relief for your pet


Rainbow Lorikeet

Birds Are Sexed by DNA Testing

We can determine the sex of your pet. Birds are sexed by blood sample which is DNA tested, reptiles are generally sexed by medical probing and mammals are sexed by visual examination.


Rabbit Boarding

Rabbit Boarding

You can have a worry free holiday knowing that your pets will be cared for professionally while boarding with us. We can cater for each individual’s specific needs and give them the highest quality care and attention.
For the good health of yours and other pets some health pre-screening may be required prior to boarding. Please contact staff for further details.

Preventive Health and Medical Management of Large Collections of Animals, Including Onsite Visits

Budgie Flock

Health Management Plans Can Be Developed For Collections

The Avian Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital can also help you to manage your collections of birds, reptiles or small mammals.

We can do large scale screening tests and assist with management plans to ensure your entire collection of animals stay healthy. This could include quarantine strategies, health and hygiene protocols, multiple housing issues, breeding problems, parasite control etc.



Necropsies Help Determine Cause of Death

While prevention is always the best course of action before things get too serious, sometimes we find one of our pets deceased and we would like to know why.

We can perform complete necropsy and histopathology testing to help establish a cause of death. Keep the body as cool as possible without freezing and contact us ASAP to arrange this service.

Behaviour Consultations

While our pets might be healthy their behaviour may not be what it should be. We can investigate and develop corrective plans for a whole range of behavioural issues.

Behavioural problems can be very complex and may require several visits to start correcting the behaviour.

Educational Programs for Schools and Other Organisations

These Can Be Done At Our Hospital Or Your Location. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Referral Consultations from Other Veterinarians

We welcome referrals from veterinarians with any patients that they have. All referrals should have a booked appointment. If a referral is an emergency, send your client on their way and then call us to let us know the details and the estimated arrival time.