How to get to the University

The majority of University campuses are located close to main public transport routes on the train and bus lines. The Camperdown/Darlington campus is conveniently close to a lot of inner city residential areas, which means many people can cycle or walk to the campuses. It is closest to Redfern Station, which is approximately 10 minutes walk from the start of the Darlington side of campus.

For information on getting to our other campuses, visit the campuses page and select the one you would like to visit.

Cycling to the University

A student parking her bike

There are plenty of places to park your bike at the University.

If you plan to ride your bike to the University, which is a healthy and environmentally friendly option, please consult the City of Sydney map (PDF 4.7MB). The map sets out the best routes to take when cycling, avoiding traffic-heavy roads. It also indicates where to park your bike on campus.

Please also remember to observe safety rules by wearing a helmet (which is compulsory in Australia), clearly indicating changes of direction, wearing easy-to-see colours and reflectors at night, and observing all road rules, including speed limits.