The Carillon

The Carillon is located in the Clocktower of the Quadrangle.

The Clocktower houses the carillon.

The University of Sydney Carillon is located in the clock tower of the Quadrangle on the Camperdown Campus. There are free carillon recitals every Sunday afternoon, at 2pm. The best place to listen is in the southwest part of the quadrangle.

The bells are open for inspection after the recitals. Access to the clavier room is through the door on the eastern end of the quadrangle. Follow several stairways up as far as you can!

The carillon is also played on Tuesdays at 1pm-2pm during University semester. Visitors are allowed into the clavier room during these lunchtime recitals.

Arrangements can be made for the carillon to be played for weddings and other occasions. Contact the University Carillonist.

Music requests are welcome. Please and contact details to the University Carillonist.

Location of the Quadrangle