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Department of International Comparative Literature and Translation Studies

Reading the world through languages and cultures
In a highly globalised and mobile world, cross-cultural knowledge is essential to becoming active participants in the global community.

Literature both reflects and shapes cultural and intellectual life. Our rich, vibrant and interdisciplinary program offers a personally rewarding experience that prepares our students for global career paths in journalism, cultural industries, and international government and non-government organisations.

Our academics specialise in a variety of languages and cultures, as well as in literature, film studies, theatre studies, cultural studies and the social sciences. Our intellectual diversity enables new ways of understanding cultural difference and negotiation, an important skill for the 21st century.

Our study offerings

What is the relationship between literature, language and culture? What can we learn about different societies from the stories they produce? International and Comparative Literary Studies is a vibrant, interdisciplinary subject taught by academics with vast expertise in the languages and cultures of the world. 


*Available to all students studying the Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Visual Arts, as well as all combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies  degrees.  


Our research

Our strengths in research cover the following areas, and we provide supervision and mentoring to Honours, Doctoral and Postdoctoral students in these areas:

  • Modern literature and literary modernism in and across the countries and cultures named above (including North America and Australia)
  • Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque literature
  • Transcultural and translation studies
  • Literary theories and genres across cultures
  • Literature and performance
  • Comparative poetics
  • Literature and cinema, including film adaptations, cinema and world stars
  • Cross-cultural sociology and politics of literature
  • Literature, history, and memory
  • Literature and nationalism
  • Literary hoaxes
  • Cultural and religious identities in literature
  • Popular literature and popular culture
  • Postcoloniality, migration and diaspora
  • Literature, gender and feminist thought
  • Gay, lesbian and queer literature and cinema
  • Creativity and the process of writing

Our people

  • Undergraduate, Honours, Postgraduate Research and Exchange Coordinator: Dr Sonia Wilson


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World Literatures and the Global South Conference

23–25 August 2019

Co-convened with the Peking University Australian Studies Centre and the World Literature Association, the School of Languages and Cultures is proud to host the third international congress of the World Literature Association.

This international conference will engage with literary production on and from the Global South in their own languages as well as in translation.

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