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Science of learning science

A better approach to researching the learning of science

Our research improves the learning experience for our students by focussing on the emerging challenges and opportunities for multidisciplinary education in a research-intense environment. 

We’re developing new ways of understanding the complex phenomena involved in the way our students learn to be a knowledgeable and versatile scientist. Through our research, we’ll discover how students learn to construct environments so we can enable their inquiry activities to flourish.

We’ll explore how teams work, how inquiry proceeds and how junior team members learn to participate. We’ll also investigate how the physical and digital environment(s) in which work takes place shapes and is shaped by the inquiry process.

We seek to understand the changing realities of biomedical science research practice. By developing better approaches to researching the learning of science, we can improve the learning experience and outcomes for our students.

Our research outcomes will make their way into ongoing curriculum design and be implemented within the Centre and across various campuses of the University. 

  • Professor Philip Poronnik, Medicine, University of Sydney [Project lead]
  • Professor Peter Goodyear, Education and Social Work, University of Sydney [Project lead]
  • Professor Michael Jacobson, Education and Social Work, University of Sydney
  • Dr Lina Markauskaite, Education and Social Work, University of Sydney
  • Associate Professor Manjula Sharma, Science, University of Sydney
  • Dr Tina Hinton, Medicine, University of Sydney
  • Dr Abelardo Pardo, Engineering and Information Technologies, University of Sydney
  • Dr Margot Day, Medicine, University of Sydney
  • Professor Peter Reimann, Education and Social Work, University of Sydney
  • Professor Marie Carroll, CPC Director of Education Development
  • Lise Mellor, Research Support Officer



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Project lead

Philip Poronnik
Professor Philip Poronnik
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Project lead

Professor Peter Goodyear
Professor Peter Goodyear
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