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Business Information Systems

Business Information Systems (BIS) is an exciting, fast-changing field. In today's world BIS professionals are playing an important role in enabling organisations to meet their strategic goals, driving business innovation, and assisting businesses to comply with increasingly complex legal requirements.

An understanding of BIS is important to the work of all business professionals including executive managers who determine the organisation's strategic direction; information professionals who design and deliver new information services; accounting and financial managers who use information systems for financial management and business reporting; and marketing and sales managers who use information systems to track customer buying patterns and to promote new products.

Employers are looking for employees who understand both business and technology issues and have the skills and knowledge to contribute to the shaping of their organisation's BIS strategy and planning.

The Discipline of BIS at the University of Sydney was established in 2002. We are a multidisciplinary team with a strong commitment to practice-based, industry-relevant teaching and research.

Our research focuses on:

  • information systems strategy
  • business analysis and business process management
  • enterprise systems and business intelligence
  • information policy, risk, assurance and governance
  • enterprise social media and digital disruption
  • project management

We offer degree programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Depending on your interests and skills you can combine your studies of BIS with other subjects to open up a wide variety of career opportunities.