Interoperability for Extreme Events Research Group (IEERG)

The Interoperability for Extreme Events Research Group (IEERG) research focuses on better integrated and more collaborative management information and processes, acknowledging that changes to the landscape, such as crowd-sourcing, represent the potential to enhance interoperability in extreme events.

IEERG seeks to address the following questions:

  1. Can event scenarios be classified, how are they constructed, do they vary and how can we establish a 'test bank' that can be useful to research and training?
  2. Can event scenarios be effective for learning and training support, and what organizational structures and policy development can be employed as levers for achieving interoperability?
  3. What techniques for assessment, measurement and action planning are currently in use, what are the shortcomings and what are the opportunities for improvement in these areas?
  4. What communications channels and strategies are currently in use and what changes are necessary to improve them?

In answering these questions the IEERG seeks to establish a global presence, national "footprint" and identify and develop artifacts for use in research and practice that facilitate knowledge integration and transfer in the area of interoperability (i.e. research publications, models, frameworks, instruments, training approaches and consulting protocols).