New Approaches and Technologies for Community Resilience and Disaster Recovery

27th Mar 2015 8:30am-6:00pm


Crises and disasters caused by everyday and extreme events are a fact of life. While public safety agencies and NGOs deal with the management of resources, systems and processes in the preparation for, response to and recovery from a disaster, they are not working in isolation from the communities they serve. More often than not, affected communities have an influence on and input to all phases of disaster management most notably in the recovery phase where there is pressure on community resources. In recent times, governments from across the globe have pondered and asked the question: How resilient are communities in the face of disaster? How best can we encourage and create resilient communities?

According to the Australian Government's Social Inclusion Board: "Community resilience means the capacity of communities to respond positively to crises. It is the ability of a community to adapt to pressures and transform itself in a way which makes it more sustainable in the future. Rather than simply 'survive' the stressor or change, a resilient community might respond in creative ways that fundamentally transform the basis of the community."

This symposium deals with the problem of building on and harnessing community resilience during disaster recovery.

Keynote- ‘Design for the Common Good, Networked Problem Solving with Government and Industry’

Rodger Watson, Deputy Director of the Designing Out Crime Research Centre, University of Technology Sydney

Session 1: Designing Community Resilience for Disaster Recovery Worskshop
Facilitators: Professor Igor Hawryszkiewycz, University of Technology Sydney and Professor Deborah Bunker, The University of Sydney Business School

Session 2: New Approaches and Technologies
Facilitator: Mr Tony Sleigh, The University of Sydney Business School

‘Social Media in Community Response’ - Associate Professor Rodney Clarke, University of Wollongong
'Human Resource Management in Overseas Disasters’ - Associate Professor Susan McGrath-Champ, The University of Sydney Business School
‘Information from Above’ - Associate Professor Linlin Ge, UNSW
‘Organizational Design for Extreme Events’ - Dr Jim Rooney, The University of Sydney Business School
‘Community Resilience: Buildings and Infrastructure’ - Associate Professor Dale Dominey-Howes, Faculty of Science, The University of Sydney