ARC Laureate Fellowship

  • The Physical Brain: Emergent, Multiscale, Nonlinear, and Critical Dynamics
    Peter Robinson

ARC Discovery Project

ARC Linkage Project

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

  • Relating function of complex networks to structure using information theory
    Joseph Lizier
  • Computational geophysical and astrophysical fluid dynamics at the petascale
    Geoffrey Vasil
  • The forest and the trees: How global brain rhythms facilitate local information processing
    Cliff Kerr

DVC Research/Brown Fellowship

  • Learning from nature: Infrastructure design inspired by resilience in ant colonies and bee hives
    Tanya Latty

DVC Research/Strategic Research Excellence Initiative (SREI-2020), University of Sydney

Templeton World Charity Foundation - Big Questions project

  • Causal Foundations of Biological Information
    Paul Griffiths, Karola Stotz