Dentistry Research at the University of Sydney


Dentistry at the University of Sydney is committed to the discovery of new principles and new ideas. With a focus on lifespan oral health, our innovative research is delivering advances in treatment, improving our understanding of the complex mechanisms that cause disease, promoting evidence-based teaching and driving improved outcomes across Australia and around the world.

Our multidisciplinary research approach brings together the complementary expertise of the University of Sydney’s faculties, centres and institutes with that of our affiliated teaching hospitals, institutes and international research partnerships. Our researchers are not limited by the confines of the mouth, but enhance studies in fundamental cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology and biomechanics, with our dental expertise. It is our goal to ‘put the mouth into health.’

Research areas

Dentistry research at the University of Sydney is structured around a number of cross-disciplinary themes that are focused on improving health outcomes. These themes encompass microbial pathogenicity, biomaterials, implant technology, cell biology, pathology, minimal intervention therapies for management of caries, education, and public health.