Lifespan Oral Health

Innovative research proves that links between poor oral health has adverse effects on overall health and is likely to shorten lifespan. Poor oral health can have negative affects on diabetes, obesity, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, dementia and pregnancy outcomes. Ongoing research is needed to further understand these links.

What our researchers are discovering

  • How bacteria in gum disease can cause an autoimmune reaction that can lead to Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • That healthy heart cells can be regenerated from tongue and jaw muscle cells in our quest to repair the effects of cardiovascular disease
  • Changes in food acquisition, from hunter-gatherer to farming practices, has changed bacterial colonies in the mouth. We now have many more disease producing bacteria resulting in more dental decay and gun disease and associated general illness
  • That persistent oral and facial pain impairs normal jaw function (e.g. ability to eat and speak), resulting in poor nutrition and increasing disability
  • How chemical exposure during early childhood development can be measured in teeth. This provides the opportunity to determine the maximum level of dietary supplements that help with healthy development but not cause future disorders
  • The ways in which cancer cells transfer their contents to healthy cells.

New Research Centre in Lifespan Oral Health

The newly appointed Chair of Lifespan Oral Health, Professor Joerg Eberhard, has set his sights on establishing a world-class research centre dedicated to improving oral health and unravelling connections between poor oral health and major health issues.

A $3.6 million donation to the University of Sydney in 2015, by the Abrahams family through their Rosebrook Foundation, was the catalyst for the plan to establish the inaugural Chair of Lifespan Oral Health along with an ambitious drive for a $20 million research centre spearheading research, policy, advocacy and education initiatives to prevent and reduce chronic diseases caused by poor oral health. The new centre, along with Joerg's passionate team, aims at doing just that.

Still in development, the new Research Centre in Lifespan Oral Health is solely devoted to investigating aspects of preventable dental disease and the links to overall health.

To find our more about the world-class centre in the making, please contact us.