Public transport

By Train

The nearest railway station to the Cumberland campus is Lidcombe station. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to walk to campus from the station, however we recommended using the available bus services, particularly after hours.

Bus services

The Metrobus M92 service (Parramatta to Sutherland via Cumberland Campus) runs concurrently to the 915 bus (Lidcombe/TAFE/University) service.

The M92 bus service provides a continuous service to Cumberland campus throughout the year.  View the M92 timetable.

The 915 bus is provided as a morning peak-hour supplementary service during semester, and as the bus only operates during these time periods a timetable is not available. 

The bus runs from Lidcombe Station to Cumberland campus return. 

The service commences operation at 7.15am and finishes at 6.15pm Monday to Friday during Semester.

Bus stop locations

  • Lidcombe Station: Both the M92 and the existing 915 service will pickup/drop off from the other side of Lidcombe Station (Eastern Commonwealth Bank side)
  • Cumberland Campus: Travelling towards Lidcombe - The Bus stop is located outside Gate 1. Travelling from Lidcombe station or towards Bankstown the bus stop is on East Street, located on the opposite side of road from the Campus between Gates 1 & 2.

Interconnecting routes

The Metrobus services allow for the planning of connecting journeys via bus with the M92 intersecting with the M90 (Liverpool to Burwood) and M91 (Parramatta to Hurstville) services at the Bankstown interchange.

After-hours shuttle service

Operates - On weekdays during Orientation and teaching weeks
Times: 6.30pm – 9.15pm
Cost: free
Cumberland campus provides an after-hours shuttle bus service to Lidcombe station. It departs from the bus stop just inside Gate 2. Pick-up approximately every 20 minutes.

Pedestrian safety

**When crossing East Street please use the pedestrian refuge, available 100m down-hill from the Bus Stop (towards Lidcombe) to cross East Street. The pedestrian refuge is there to assist you to cross the road in two stages.  It does not give you right of way over vehicles. You are reminded that under regulation 230 of the NSW Road Rules 2008 pedestrians "must cross by the shortest safe route". This is by using the pedestrian refuge adjacent to Gate 1. The maximum penalty for disobeying this regulation is $2200.

We all have a responsibility for our own personal safety. Please ensure that you cross East Street safely and encourage your colleagues and students to do likewise.

Please note if staff or students have any concerns about their safety on campus or in reaching Lidcombe station they should contact Security at the Security Office or by calling ext 13333 from a Faculty telephone