About us

Bringing together the brightest and most inquistive minds to tackle the big issues in health

The Faculty of Health Sciences is a world leader in health research, sciences and education. We achieve this through encouraging international collaboration across all our research endeavours, and through strategic partnerships that are global in their reach.

We strive constantly for excellence in intellectual enquiry, academic freedom and integrity. To support these goals, we provide an engaging and stimulating student-centred learning and teaching environment, attracting some of the best students and researchers in Australia.

Faculty Structure

The Faculty of Health Sciences is a single-unit faculty within the University of Sydney, comprising seven disciplines, six research groups and five research centres.

The faculty is managed through the Faculty Executive and portfolios, reporting to the Dean. Each portfolio is led by an associate dean and supported by professional staff.

  • Office of the Dean
  • Research and Innovation
  • International (Research Development)
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Work Integrated Learning
  • Staff Development
  • Faculty Services