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The Sydney Institute of Criminology Farewells our Co-Director Dr Rebecca Scott Bray

“To our valued readers, members and supporters,

At the conclusion of 2016, our 50th Anniversary year, Dr Rebecca Scott Bray stepped down from her role as Co-Director of the Sydney Institute of Criminology. Over our period as Co-Directors we have achieved a great deal, embodying and fostering the inter-faculty, inter-disciplinary nature of the Institute. During this anniversary year in particular, we aimed to showcase the relevance, breadth and quality of work undertaken by the Institute and its members. Such successes would not have been possible without the dedication, enthusiasm and good grace of my Co-Director Rebecca.

In her four and a half years in this position, Rebecca has shown great leadership and professionalism in liaising with various government departments and research bodies to organize countless Institute events, overseeing Institute activities and publications, and engaging with Institute members and our Advisory Committee to promote a strong community of criminologists and criminal layers in Sydney and beyond. Her passion for justice and research has been a driving force for the Institute during this time.

In 2017, Rebecca will be continuing her role as the Senior Lecturer of Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Sydney, and I will continue as the sole Director. The Institute would like to extend our sincere thanks to Rebecca for the significant contributions she has made, not only to our Institute but also to the wider community of criminologists and criminal lawyers. We wish her the very best in her future endeavours.

Best wishes,

Professor Thomas Crofts
Director of the Sydney Institute of Criminology"

Awards for Institute Staff in 2016

At the conclusion of 2016, the 50th anniversary year of the Sydney Institute of Criminology, three Institute staff received awards recognising their academic work and their contributions to the field of criminology.

Dr Duncan Chappell was given the Distinguished Criminologist Award at the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology (ANZSOC) 2016 conference in Hobart. This award acknowledged the outstanding contribution he has made to Australian and New Zealand criminology over his long and successful career.

Dr Garner Clancey also received an award at ANZSOC's 2016 conference. He was given the 2016 Adam Sutton Crime Prevention Award, which is presented each year in recognition of the best publication or report in the area of crime prevention. Dr Clancey's paper, 'Some findings from an Australian local crime prevention case study', was published in Crime Prevention and Community Safety in 2015.

Associate Professor Arlie Loughnan was also named Supervisor of the Year by the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA). One of the PHD candidates who nominated her, Senthorun Raj, said that Associate Professor Loughnan “has encouraged me to be faithful to my social justice pursuits in research, taught me to be more adventurous in refining my scholarly voice, and supported my broader non-doctoral work. It has been a privilege to be one of her students."

These awards were very well-deserved and we sincerely congratulate these members on their achievements.

November edition of Current Issues in Criminal Justice out now!

Volume 28 Number 2 of Current Issues in Criminal Justice is out now! This edition includes articles on youth justice, crime prevention, decarceration, and wrongful convictions, among other topics.

This edition also includes a preface by previous Co-Director Dr Rebecca Scott Bray regarding the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Institute of Criminology.

New Criminology Courses

The Institute of Criminology is delighted to announce a number of short courses as part of its Professional Development Program, in partnership with the Centre for Continuing Education.

"These new and exciting courses cover diverse criminal justice and criminological areas such as working with domestic violence offenders, corruption prevention, crime prevention through environmental design and motivational interactions (amongst others). The courses will be of use to legal professionals, correctional staff, psychologists, students and anyone interested in a career in the criminal justice system".

Dr Garner Clancey
Coordinator Professional Development Programs

Professor Murray Lee on Sydney's lock-out laws

Professor Murray Lee from the Institute of Criminology recently published an article for ABC News The Drum, calling for policymakers to look dispassionately at the evidence and levels of harm done both to people and Sydney's once vibrant nightlife.

Read the full article: The lockout law review mustn't be so close-minded

Sydney Institute of Criminology Highlights of 2015

The Sydney Institute of Criminology Highlights of 2015 Document provides a summary of some of the key achievements of the Institute and its staff members in 2015. Some notable highlights include:

  • The publication of three bumper editions of the Current Issues in Criminal Justice Journal;
  • Successful completion of the Institute’s internship program by eight students;
  • Delivery of three short courses as part of the Institute’s Professional Development program;
  • Hosting two Careers in Criminology events, linking institute alumni with current criminology students;
  • Visits from international guests, with many giving public lectures;
  • Institute staff were mentioned in over 70 media stories; and
  • Hundreds of people attended Institute public seminars.

Further to these activities and achievements, Institute staff produced books, book chapters, journal articles and delivered papers to conferences in numerous countries. Recent research funding success suggests that the important and diverse research activities of Institute members will continue to produce significant outputs with direct relevance to criminal justice legislative and policy development and reform in the coming years.