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Sydney Centre for International Law

The Sydney Centre for International Law (SCIL) is a centre of excellence in research, public policy and teaching in international law. Since its establishment in 2003, SCIL has emerged as a hub of international legal thought and debate in the Asia-Pacific region. SCIL members are grappling with some of the world’s thorniest problems and doing so from a range of perspectives. Our approach is collaborative; we remain in constant conversation with colleagues and policymakers around the globe.


  • Antarctica in International Law Edited by Ben Saul and Tim Stephens

    Antarctica, one of the world's last great wildernesses, presents special challenges for international law. Fears that Antarctica would become a front in the Cold War catalysed agreement on the 1959 Antarctic Treaty which neither legitimized nor challenged the existing sovereign claims to the continent. More

  • SCIL Newsletter and Annual Report 2013

    SCIL Newsletter for Semester 2 2013 and the Annual Report for 2013. Now available