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Assessment through the course is by examinations conducted by the LPAB. The LEC of the University of Sydney provides tuition in the 26 subjects that comprise the curriculum. Candidates must complete 17 compulsory subjects and 3 elective subjects: 20 subjects in total.

Currently all 26 subjects are offered every semester, from November to February and from May to August. Students are supplied with a Course Information Handbook, and online access to Subject Guides and supplementary resources. Students have full access to the University's Law Library.

Examinations in all subjects are usually held in March and September, in Sydney, regional centres in New South Wales, and in special circumstances at other centres.

The program may be taken in evening lecture or external mode. Evening students attend a lecture in each subject each week (6.00pm - 8.30pm or 9.00pm) in a 12-14 week teaching semester, on the main Sydney University campus at Camperdown, near the CBD, or at the St James Campus (Old Law School building) in Phillip Street in the CBD.

External students are expected to attend lectures at the non-residential weekend schools offered each semester, with up to sixteen hours teaching in each subject.

In addition, at the commencement of each semester, there is an introductory weekend school for all new evening lecture and external students. This includes workshops in legal study skills and legal research and introductory lectures in the initial subject of Legal Institutions.





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