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A new solution to countering bad science in forensics

Led by a University of Sydney law and psychology expert, an international group of researchers are calling for forensic science to become more open in the interests of justice.

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15 July 2019

Making deer fair game for unlicensed hunting in NSW

The NSW government last week revealed plans to ease shooting restrictions on feral deer. If the plans go ahead, deer will be stripped of their status as a game animal, writes Dr Thomas Newsome and PhD candidate Emma Spencer.
12 July 2019

Why cultural competence is important

As Australia celebrates NAIDOC Week 2019, we talk to Rebecca Halliday, Sydney's new Director of Indigenous External Relationship Development, about why the University's focus on cultural competence is so important.
12 July 2019

2019 ABC Top 5 Humanities Media Residencies announced

The winners of the 2019 ABC Top 5 Humanities and Social Sciences Media Residencies have been announced, supported by the University of Sydney.

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