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This course is about dealings in personal property, i.e. all forms of property other than real estate, whether tangible or intangible. The earlier modules concern transactions. The later modules involve dispute resolution, finance and risk management associated with those transactions. Its objectives are:

(a)    to teach students some of the law relating to some common commercial transactions;
(b)    to ensure they are able to use that law to solve problems arising from those transactions; and
(c)    to train them to advise clients about those problems in a straightforward, business-like manner.

PLEASE NOTE that the subject guide for Commercial Transactions continually evolves. Students should be careful when reading texts and prior exam questions. They may not be in line with current course content.

Some major areas of revision in recent years include:

(a)    The Australian Consumer Law 2010, which contains many provisions similar to those previously spread between the Trade Practices Act and state Fair Trading Acts, as well as introducing new provisions concerning unfair contracts and expanded remedies.

(b)    The Personal Property Securities Act 2009, which has revolutionised the law regarding security over personal property.

(c)    Increased coverage and changes to the law with respect to electronic commerce and commercial dispute resolution.


Lecture and weekend school timetables, prescribed materials, and assignment information are in the Subject Guide. Assignments and Supplementary Materials (where applicable) can be accessed by current students from the Webcampus.









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