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This course emphasises the building of a core of legal knowledge to facilitate further study and a strong set of legal skills to assist in the practical application of that knowledge.

The course will introduce students to the origins, history and present operation of the institutions which make up the Australian legal system, to the sources of law, and to the Commonwealth and New South Wales Constitutions.  The matters which will be considered include the distribution of legislative powers between the Commonwealth and the States; the executive powers of the Commonwealth and New South Wales governments and the sources of those powers; the system of courts and tribunals operating at Commonwealth and New South Wales levels; the relationship between the various legal institutions; the theory and practice of precedent; the rules of statutory interpretation; the legal profession and arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

Students are given an opportunity to develop the skills necessary for successful completion of legal studies, including legal essays and answering legal problems.  This is done through a study of relevant legislation and cases, class problems and class skills tasks, web tutorials and problems and the completion of assignments.


Lecture and weekend school timetables, prescribed materials, and assignment information are in the Subject Guide. Assignments and Supplementary Materials (where applicable) can be accessed by current students from the Webcampus.







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