Charles Perkins Centre Nepean


Prof. Ralph Nanan and Dr Anthea Karlov

Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) Nepean was launched in 2013 to meet the demand for evidence-based research that could be translated directly into life-changing outcomes for residents of greater Western Sydney. As part of the Charles Perkins Centre Network, CPC Nepean shares the same mission: to ease the burden of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease by enabling collaborative interdisciplinary research and education that translates into real-world solutions.

The headquarters of the Charles Perkins Centre Network is situated at the purpose-built research and education Hub at the University of Sydney’s Camperdown CampusThe Charles Perkins Centre however, the network extends beyond metropolitan Sydney, including regional centres at Nepean and Broken Hill.

At the Charles Perkins Centre, the task of addressing the burden of chronic diseases is not viewed as the domain of medical treatment alone but is achieved through multi-disciplinary efforts enabled by collaborating networks, called project nodes. As such, the Charles Perkins Centre is not so much a physical entity, or merely a building, but rather an enabler of collaborations, bringing together researchers in fields not traditionally aligned.

CPC Nepean is rapidly growing and developing. Projects involving molecular biologists, clinicians, allied health professionals, biomedical engineers, climate scientists, mathematicians, and experts in data modelling and linkage are just some of the collaborations being fostered.

As the leader of the CPC Developmental Origins of Health and Disease project node, Professor Nanan is expanding research into how environmental factors interact with genetic variation during pregnancy to influence the likelihood of developing chronic diseases later in life, including heart disease, obesity and diabetes, but also conditions such as allergy.

A host of projects are currently underway at CPC Nepean: investigating key regulatory cells in the immune system, exploring the development of preeclampsia (a serious condition of pregnancy), predicting adverse outcomes in pregnancy by measuring abdominal fat, examining the effects of gestational diabetes on the unborn baby, developing an early childhood allergy questionnaire, and more.

Although still a fairly new research centre, CPC Nepean is uniquely positioned to carry out world-class research and implement solutions right where it is needed the most.

Research Opportunities

  • Fetal origins of diseases
  • How maternal factors influence fetal growth patterns
  • The impact of the internet/Apps on medical care
  • The immunology of pregnancy
  • Phenotypic and functional analysis of regulatory T cells in adults and newborns
  • The effects of maternal obesity in Perinatal medicine
  • The immunology of miscarriage
  • The effects of climate on pregnancy
  • Maternal-fetal evolutionary conflict


Getting Healthy Before Pregnancy Short Course 18th Nov 2017


"Getting Healthy Before Pregnancy Short Course 18th Nov 2017 - Registrations Now Open!!"
It is a multidisciplinary short course on preconception health care targeted to General Practitioners, medical specialists in the field of endocrinology and conception care (obstetrics and gynaecologists) as well as other health professionals (nurses, midwives, nutritionists, dieticians).

The program has been developed by some of the brightest researchers working here at the Charles Perkins Centre.
It includes presentations, interactive learning, case studies, and skills-based training on various aspects of preconception care: maternal nutrition, weight control, endocrine and PCOs, contraception, and referral pathways.

This is a great opportunity for medical professionals to further develop their knowledge to optimise patient outcomes, particularly in the context of pre-conception obesity and diabetes.

CPD points have been allocated by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners as well as many other professional bodies.

Course website link (including detailed program and registration link)

Charles Perkins Centre partners with new Nepean Family Obesity Service


On 24 April 2017, the Nepean Family Obesity Service was officially launched by NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard. The Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District (NBMLHD) has partnered with the Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network and the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre Nepean to provide the Service
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“Think Tanks” - a success at Charles Perkins Centre Nepean


Charles Perkins Centre Nepean has successfully held two think tanks so far in 2017 to support the newly established Nepean Family Obesity Service. The idea of the think tanks is to gather together experts in a particular aspect of obesity management – a ‘meeting of the minds’ – to debate and discuss the latest in research and clinical practice relating to obesity management
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