Wireless wellbeing and personalised health

Harnessing modern mobile and sensing technologies for better health outcomes

Due to on-going technological developments, we are beginning to see an increase in mobile phone applications and sensing devices designed to measure food intake and monitor physical activity of those looking to get healthy.

This effortless and unobtrusive form of measurement combined with the use of data mining means we are now able to discover and present definitive behavioural patterns better than ever before. This can be achieved both in real time and over long periods, so that associations with health risk factors rapidly become apparent and appropriate action can be taken.

The Wireless Wellbeing node will explore how wireless sensing and communications can empower individuals to self-monitor and positively influence their decisions and behaviour around nutrition, physical activity and sleep. These behavioural outcomes will help to improve quality of life and prevent obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

This node will be characterised by the development of monitoring systems, researching preferences for data storage mechanisms that can better monitor and modify behaviour and the use of educational and motivational messaging. Accordingly, this node will also explore effective interfacing in communication with health practitioners and support circles.

Project leader

Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli

The collaboration team

Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli  Science
Professor Judy Kay Engineering and Information Technologies
Associate Professor Kalina Yacef Engineering and Information Technologies
Professor Adrian Bauman Sydney Medical School
Dr Philayrath Phongsavan Sydney Medical School
Lana Hebden Science
Associate Professor Mu Li Sydney Medical School
Associate Professor Bob Kummerfeld Engineering and Information Technologies
Associate Professor Robyn McConchie Agriculture and Environment
Associate Professor Teresa Davis Business
Dr Becky Freeman School of Public Health, Sydney Medical School
Dr Fiona Martin Arts and Social Sciences
Lie Ming Tang Engineering and Information Technologies
Annette Wong Science
Farahaz Yekeh Engineering and Information Technologies
Stephanie Partridge Science
Dr Anna Rangan Science
Professor Philip Poronnik Sydney Medical School