Medical Scholarships

One-off and faculty scholarships

External Funding Opportunities

Please note that applications for funding from external funding bodies require close attention to detail, and the Fees and Scholarships Office often provides specific application guidelines for applicants. Please ensure that you check these guidelines before starting your application and bear in mind that the Fees and Scholarships Office normally sets an earlier closing date than the funding body in order to check eligibility and secure signatures.

One-off and faculty scholarships

There are also many one-off scholarships in medical research that are offered throughout the year, often funded by research grants held by University of Sydney academic staff and linked to specific research projects. You can find details of these by subscribing to our Weekly Research Scholarships Email Bulletin, or by running keyword searches on our Research Scholarship Database (see our Current Research Scholarships page). You can also check the Sydney Medical School website for details of other scholarships offered directly by the Medical School and the Faculty of Health Sciences website for details of other scholarships offered directly by the Faculty .

John Flood Memorial Scholarship


The John Flood Memorial Scholarship was established to support short-term research in the Department of Pathology at the University of Sydney Medical School.

Open to: Any student in the Department of Pathology.
Value: $2,000
Duration:  One-off
Open Date:  30 April 
Close Date:  TBA
Conditions:  Read more

John A Lamberton Research Scholarships


Established in 2004 by donations totalling $1,000,000 from the widow of John A Lamberton (1925-2002), these scholarships are for the purpose of fostering research and aim to recognise and encourage excellence in areas emanating from and inspired by the work of Dr John A Lamberton or in the area of science aimed at chemical understanding of brain function and malfunction.

Open to: Candidates who are citizens or permanent residents of Australia.
  Candidates at postgraduate level who are enrolled full-time in higher research degrees and shall be tenable at the University of Sydney only.
Value: To be determined by the Scholarship Committee
Duration:  1-3 years
Open Date:  APPLY NOW
Close Date:  22 May
Conditions:  Read more

The Deans Scholarship Fund Conference Grants


The Dean’s Scholarship Fund Conference Grants were established to support students in the Sydney Medical Program to present their research at a national or international conference.

Open to: Students currently enrolled in the Sydney Medical Program that have completed at least one year of study who show satisfactory progress
  The applicant must be the presenter of his/her work at the conference. The majority of the research should have been conducted while enrolled in Sydney Medical School.
  Candidates who are enrolled in a Sydney Medical School degree at the time of the conference.
Value: At the discretion of the Sydney Medical School.
Duration:  One-off
Open Date:  APPLY NOW
Close Date:  30 May
Conditions:  Read more

The Curtin PhD Scholarship for Clinical Research


The Curtin PhD Scholarship for Clinical Research was established for graduates to undertake a PhD through Sydney Medical School, with a focus on clinical research relevant to Indigenous or rural health.

Open to: Applicants must be enrolled for a postgraduate research doctorate (PhD) degree in Sydney Medical School
  Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident as at the application closing date and,
  Undertake a PhD involving clinical research.
Value: $50,000
Duration:  1 year
Open Date:  APPLY NOW
Close Date:  May
Conditions:  Read more

PhD Exploring novel treatments for alcohol use and mental illness


This scholarship was established to contribute to a series of work exploring novel pharmacotherapies in the treatment of alcohol dependence at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. 

Open to: Open to full time domestic students who will be enrolled in the University of Sydney Medical School
Value: $26,682
Duration:  3 years
Open Date:  APPLY NOW
Close Date:  22 May
Conditions:  Read more

Other external scholarships

If you are applying for a scholarship which is not listed on this webpage or in the research scholarships database, and the application form requires the signature of the Head of Administering Institution (or Nominee) or similar, you will need to submit the application via the Fees and Scholarships Office. Please contact our Office as soon as possible to arrange the submission, as we will need to check through the application prior to signing. Do not leave it until the day before applications are due at the funding body!

Successful Applicants

Postgraduate research scholarship stipends will usually need to be paid to the student via the University as the administering institution. The Fees and Scholarships Office organises and manages the payment of scholarship stipends through the fortnightly scholarships payroll.

If you have submitted your application via the Fees and Scholarships Office, the funding body will normally also notify the Fees and Scholarships Office of your result if your application is successful. You should however, still contact the Fees and Scholarships Office once you have received your offer from the funding body. In some cases (such as the NHMRC) the funding body will notify the Fees and Scholarships Office of the results, and the Fees and Scholarships Office will then contact you to advise you of your result.

If your application did not require the signature of the Head of Administering Institution (or Nominee) and was submitted by you directly to the funding body, you will need to forward a copy of all correspondence, including a copy of your application, to the Fees and Scholarships Office, if your application is successful. The Fees and Scholarships Office will review the correspondence from the funding body and check your enrolment status. If there are no problems, the Fees and Scholarships Office will then prepare an offer letter and associated forms for you, and set up an account for the scholarship.

Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Foundation Research Grants

The Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Grants are offered as a PhD scholarship to students undertaking a research PhD in an area relevant to an aspect of dementia. There are primary scholarships valued at $30,000 pa available.

To be eligible for grants the applicant must:

  • be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia. Applicants who have been resident in Australia for at least two years and have evidence of eligibility and application for permanent residency may also be eligible.
  • Be enrolled in a full-time research degree at an Australian university or show that they have made arrangements to undertake a full-time PhD in research at an Australian university.
  • Have written agreement of a qualified supervisor and the support of an Australian University to carry out the proposed project
  • The research proposal must relate to an aspect of dementia.
  • Follow the guidelines of the university regarding paid work hours during their PhD
  • Not hold another scholarship

For further information on these research grants please visit the following website:

Arthritis Australia Scholarships

Arthritis Australia offers scholarships for young science and medical graduates to undertake thesis studies into arthritis and related disorders at recognised universities. These scholarships provide research training to doctorate or masters level and are designed to develop the intellectual and technical expertise required for a career involving laboratory and clinical investigation. Scholarships are intended, in general, to support basic and clinical research training within Australian research units and as a precursor to more advanced study in Australia and overseas.

Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

For more information please visit their website at

Australian Pain Society and Australian Pain Relief Association Scholarships

The Australian Pain Society (APS) is a Multidisciplinary Society whose charter is to improve the education, research and development, diagnosis and treatment of all forms of pain. Australian Pain Relief Association (APRA) is a registered charity and works closely with the APS to support education and research in pain.

The Australian Pain Society and the Australian Pain Relief Association PhD Scholarships are awarded to enable full time research leading to a Doctor of Philosophy or equivalent, at any recognised Australian University. The funded project can be related to any aspect of the mechanisms, diagnosis or treatment of acute or chronic pain.

The applicant must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and the applicant and his/her supervisor must be members of the APS.

Another scholarship available is the APRA Clinical Research Grant which funds a project that is related to any aspect of a childhood pain complaint - including theoretical, mechanistic, diagnostic, treatment, epidemiological and/or sociological approaches.

For further information on scholarships through the Australian Pain Society and Australian Pain Relief Association please visit their website at

Australian Rotary Health Scholarships

Australian Rotary Health provides funding into mental health research, general health research, indigenous health scholarships and rural and medical and nursing scholarships. Some of their scholarships include:

  • Ian Scott PhD Scholarships - these scholarships are funding partly by the applicant's university/institution and partly by Australian Rotary Health.
  • Indigenous Health Scholarships - the object of this program is to provide a scholarship, which can be used to assist Indigenous students with their day-to-day expenses while they undertake a course in a wide range of health related professions. The scholarship is paid in addition to the Government Abstudy allowance.

For further information on the Australian Rotary Health Scholarships please visit their website

The Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ) Scholarships

The Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand is the professional body for cardiologists and those working in the area of cardiology including researchers, scientists, cardiovascular nurses, allied health professionals and other healthcare workers.

The organisation offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships with different eligibility criteria which are available to be viewed on their website:

One of those scholarships is the CSANZ Research Scholarship which is intended to support members of the CSANZ to pursue a career in cardiovascular research. This scholarship is only available to applicants who are enrolled as full time students (e.g. for PhD or MD) and whose research is to be conducted in Australia or New Zealand.

Another scholarship available through the CSANZ is the CSANZ Indigenous Researcher/Scientist Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to enable scholars to undertake a clinical research project directed towards improving the cardiovascular health of Indigenous populations of Australia and/or New Zealand. The Scholarship is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand who are of Indigenous background (Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Maori or Pacific Islander).

Dr Albert S McKern Research Scholarships and the Dr Albert S McKern Travelling Scholarships

The Dr Albert S McKern Research Scholarships and the Dr Albert S McKern Travelling Scholarships have been established as a result of funds from an extremely generous benefactor, Dr Albert S McKern.

The objective of these postgraduate scholarships is to attract top quality postgraduates to conduct research into the cause, prevention and treatment of mental and physical pain and distress during pregnancy, labour and puerperium. The value of the scholarships is up to $45,000 per annum tax exempt for the Research Scholarship and up to $15,000 per annum tax exempt for the Travelling Scholarship.

Application Information

Endocrine Society of Australia Awards, Grants, Scholarships and Fellowships

The Endocrine Society of Australia is a national non-profit organisation of scientists and clinicians who conduct research and practice in the field of Endocrinology.

They offer a wide variety of awards, grants, scholarships and fellowships including the ESA Research Higher Degree Scholarship.

For more information on the awards available and their eligibility criteria please visit the following website:

The Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation Grants and Awards

The Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Foundation supports the development of Australia’s intellectual capital in otorhinolaryngology by providing targeted research grants. The Foundation supports exceptional researchers, trainees and Fellows by means of fellowships, scholarships, and research grants.

For further information please visit the following website:

Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) Grants, Fellowships and Awards

GESA has made a significant financial investment to build a research fund to provide research scholarships and salary support for members to undertake full time research in both basic and clinical gastroenterological research.

The Research Committee awards a number of prizes, travel grants, scholarships and fellowships to facilitate the research career development of clinicians and scientists in gastroenterology and hepatology.

You must have been a financial member of GESA for at least the last twelve months to be eligible to receive any GESA grants or fellowships.

For further information please visit the following website:

Heart Foundation Scholarships and Awards

Some of the Heart Foundation scholarships and awards are detailed in the paragraphs below. Otherwise information is also available on their website at:

Health Professional Scholarships support cardiovascular health professionals to undertake a PhD. This can be in any area of cardiovascular health research including clinical, biomedical, public health and health services. They can be for a maximum of duration of three (3) years with a stipend of up to $40,000 pro rata each year.

The Australian Indigenous Scholarships are designed to encourage and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to undertake a PhD or masters by research in cardiovascular research. The scholarships can be up to 2 years for masters and up to 3 years for PhD, with a stipend of up to $40,000 pro rata per year.

The Collaboration and Exchange Awards offer funding to visit research facilities across Australia and overseas, to develop new national and international collaborations. Applicants must be Heart Foundation funded scholars or postdoctoral fellows and will receive a single payment of up to $5,000 to support activities for up to 6 months.

Ian O'Rourke Scholarship In Patient Survey

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 24 February 2017

The scholarship is named in honour of the late Dr Ian O'Rourke AO, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Clinical Excellence (2002 - 2004). It is designed to allow participants to develop better skills in integrating evidence from research in health care quality and safety policy and programs.

The Scholarship will include a visit to a nominated national or international agency with expertise in the chosen field. Successful applicants will receive funding, up to a maximum of $10,000.

The Ian O’Rourke Scholarship is open to all employees of NSW Health facilities and/or agencies and employees of NSW-based academic institutions. Applicants must be undertaking or intending to undertake a relevant PhD, Masters or other degree or diploma at an accredited Australian academic institution during the period of the scholarship.

More information on the scholarship and how to apply can be found at:

Leukaemia Foundation Scholarships

In 2005 the Leukaemia Foundation implemented its National Research Program which expressed their Vision to Cure. They have injected more than $38 million into the work of Australia’s best blood cancer researchers.

Please visit the following website to see current funding opportunities provided by the Leukaemia Foundation:

Menzies Foundation Scholarships

The Menzies Foundation was established in 1979 to perpetuate the legacy of Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies. It has a vision to inspire and nurture Australia’s future leaders.

There are a number of scholarships available in a variety of fields including allied health, medical research, law and engineering.

For further information please visit the following website:

Motor Neurone Disease Australia Grants

Researchers working in Australia in fields that are relevant to motor neurone disease (MND) are invited to apply for funding to support their research.

The grants are open to applicants who are Australian citizens or have Australian permanent residency. They range in value from $10,000 to $250,000 in value. Some of these grants are:

  • The Betty Laidlaw MND Research Prize
  • Grants-in-Aid for Research into MND
  • MNDRIA Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

For further information on the wide variety of MND Australia Grants please visit their website:

Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia Scholarships

Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia (MSRA) offers postgraduate and undergraduate scholarships for students in an Australian university or institution. The different scholarships available to students are:

  • MS Research Australia Vacation Scholarships
  • MS Research Australia Postgraduate Scholarships
  • MS Research Australia / NHMRC Betty Cuthbert Scholarships
  • Trish MS Research Foundation / Betty Cuthbert Postgraduate Scholarship

For more information please visit the following website:

Muscular Dystrophy NSW: Postgraduate Scholarship for Research into Neuromuscular Disorders

A full-time postgraduate scholarship is available for a suitably qualified candidate in a relevant discipline to undertake research studies leading to a PhD. The Sue Connor Scholarship is available to a scholar who wishes to undertake a PhD degree in the field of research into neuromuscular conditions. Proposals for research may be from any relevant discipline, as long as the proposed research has a demonstrable current or future benefit to those living with neuromuscular conditions, and aligns with MDNSW’s strategic directions.

For more information please visit the following website:

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Postgraduate Scholarships

The NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarships scheme funds successful applicants to attain a research based postgraduate degree (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Masters Degree).

It aims to support these outstanding health and medical graduates early in their career so they can be trained to conduct research that is internationally competitive and develop a capacity for original independent research within Australia.

Applications are made through the NHMRC's online application system, RGMS.

Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents, or New Zealand citizens. Persons who have applied for but not yet been granted Australian permanent residency may apply, however permanent residency must be obtained prior to commencement of the scholarship.

Applications Open: 12 April 2017
Applications Close: 7 June 2017 at 17:00 hours (5pm) AEST
Initial Submissions Close: 17 May 2017
Students who submit applications after 17 May 2017 unfortunately will not receive academic feedback.

For more information please visit the following website:

Submission Guidelines 2018

Spinal Cord Injury Network Scholarships

The Spinal Cord Injury Network has a mission is to unite the spinal cord injury community to optimise the quality of life and maximise recovery for those with spinal cord injury.

They work in partnership with other organisations and networks to ensure early adoption of best practice protocols for rehabilitation, acute care and ongoing health promotion.

The organisation advertises a variety of international and national scholarships on their website

SpineCare Foundation Scholarships

The SpineCare Foundation is a division of Northcott committed to funding research and educational initiatives that support children with spinal cord disease or injury and their families.

The Foundation’s initiatives include:

  • Coordinating educational activities to share knowledge about spinal disease and disorders in children;
  • Providing support and funding for tertiary scholarships for students who use wheelchairs
  • Funding public health Masters, PhD and postdoctoral research projects to increase the body of knowledge on paediatric spinal injury and disease

For more information on the scholarships provided by the SpineCare Foundation please visit the following website:

Sydney Catalyst PhD and Top-Up Awards

Sydney Catalyst is the Translational Cancer Research Centre of Central Sydney and Regional NSW, established with core funding from the Cancer Institute NSW. It brings together teams of clinicians and researchers from more than 20 member organisations across NSW with the purpose of facilitating the rapid translation of scientific discoveries into clinical policy and practice to improve patient outcomes.

Sydney Catalyst offers full PhD scholarships and Top-up Research Scholar awards. They aim to encourage training and development of outstanding researchers and clinicians from within Sydney Catalyst units, who have the potential to develop highly significant careers in cancer research, and meet the overall goals of Sydney Catalyst.

For further information and eligibility criteria please visit the following website

The Wenkart Foundation Grants

These grants are for research in clinical, biomedical and health related sciences. The Foundation aims to support young people of excellence.

Applicants must be full-time students and Australian permanent residents or undergraduates educated in Australia and intending to reside in Australia.

Please note that these grants are generally not awarded to applicants over 30 years of age.

For more information on these grants please visit the following website

The Priscilla Kincaid-Smith Kidney Research Foundation

The Priscilla Kincaid-Smith Kidney Research Foundation has been established by Kidney Health Australia to promote kidney research to save and improve the lives of Australians with kidney disease.

To find out more information on the foundation, the priorities of the research agenda and submit an expression of interest for funding please visit the following website: