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Research students

Jason Borg
Alicia Burns
Clarissa Fraser
Ensiyeh Ghanizadeh
Isabella Loughland
Kate Mcshea
Umme Salma
Alec Simmonds



If you are interested in postdoctoral research, please contact . The University offers a number of postdoctoral fellowships – please consult the Research Office for more information.


The honours degree at The Biological Sciences consists of a research thesis written as a scientific paper (75%) and coursework (25%) comprising an experimental design course, writing a formal research proposal for your project, and a written paper criticism. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas, but if you would like some suggestions in your broad interest area, send Frank an . A prerequisite to enrol in hounours is a WAM or equivalent undergraduate average of >70%.

Postgraduate (PhD, MSc)

If you are interested in postgraduate study in a research area related to Evolutionary and Ecological Physiology send Frank an to discuss possibles projects.

A prerequisite for a postgraduate candidature is a scholarship that covers living allowance in the case of Australian students, but also tuition fees for international students

For Australian students, there are the Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA), as well as University of Sydney Postgraduate Awards (UPA), and Faculty of Science Postgraduate Awards - the Research Office has more information about these scholarships.

If you are an International student, it will be worthwhile to check whether your government provides scholarships for postgraduate study abroad. The Australian government offers the Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (EIPRS) for research based postgraduate study at an Australian university for students from overseas, and the University of Sydney offers additional shcolarships for international students (USydIS); more information on EIPRS and USydIS is provided by the International Office.