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Local community

We welcome visitors and local residents to our campus, events and public spaces

Our university is a cultural and educational hub for every Sydneysider, but we’re also part of the local communities and suburbs that surround us.

Our campus is your campus

Our cultural and recreational facilities are open to all visitors and local residents, including our many gardens and public spaces.

Our theatres and galleries, including the Seymour Theatre Centre, host numerous lectures, talks, exhibitions and performances.

The Nicholson and Macleay museums and University Art Gallery house permanent collections but also attract a wide variety of touring shows. They’re open weekdays and entry is free all year round.

Manning Bar and Hermann’s regularly host live music on campus, showcasing our best local talent.

Classical music enthusiasts can attend our Carillion and Great Hall Organ recitals, or check out the calendar of musical events over at the Conservatorium of Music.

Our gardens and environment

Our Camperdown/Darlington campus is regularly voted one of the most beautiful places to study in the world.

We’re dedicated to not only maintaining it as a beautiful asset for the city and residents, but also making sure it is a green environment that works hard.

For the last three years, we’re run a program of planting native flora, particularly those that attract birds, in gardens around the campus including Camperdown’s Eastern Avenue, and Cadigal Green at Darlington.

We also have a community garden, currently situated at Camperdown/Darlington on Wilkinson Road, which focuses on growing sustainable produce.

Volunteers are always welcome to get involved, either on a regular basis or for one of the garden’s summer working bees.

You can get in touch by joining the Ground Up Facebook page.

Carry on learning

We believe learning is a life-long activity.

The Centre for Continuing Education is there to help you hone professional skills or delve into a subject of personal interest.

Meanwhile, our Sydney Ideas lecture program presents some of the best thinkers from Australia and around the world.

Past speakers have included David Suzuki, Germaine Greer, Helen Clark, Tim Flannery, Robert Fisk, and Bill McKibben.

It’s a mix of ticketed and free talks, but if you can’t make it many of the sessions are videoed or podcast.

Our extensive libraries are also open to browse. To borrow, you’ll need a membership card, which you can easily request through the Library’s website.

Help us keep our campus safe

While we want all of our interactions with the community to be positive, we rely on local residents to talk to us if there is something you aren’t happy about.

So if noise, access or security becomes an issue, you see something out of the ordinary or you’d like to make a comment, please call 1800 063 487 (free call 24 hours) or send us an email at

If you would like a follow up to your query, please provide your name and contact number.

Get involved

Some of the ways you can be part of the University of Sydney
Become a member with Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness and join a sporting club
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Book your pet into our veterinary teaching hospital
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Host your big event in one of our heritage buildings
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Contribute to our Community Garden
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