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We partner across industry, government, non-profit and community sectors to answer the biggest questions facing society, business and our communities both in Australia and elsewhere.

Leverage our cross-disciplinary research to create commercial success stories and improve lives. Collaborate with our network of outstanding academics, students and alumni, to generate new knowledge by working together across disciplines.

There are many ways you can connect with the University of Sydney.  However, we understand that navigating universities can be complex and confusing. We will connect you with the right people to support your strategic priorities.

A Qantas plane flying over Sydney Harbour

Unique partnership will transform airline travel and health

The University’s Charles Perkins Centre is revolutionising health and wellness for passengers and crew members on long-haul flights. Centre researchers are partnering with Qantas to make dramatic improvements to the flight experience – before, during and after we get on a plane.

This airline-university partnership is believed to be a world first and uses an integrated, holistic and evidence-based approach to enhance airline travel and health across target areas that include:

  • food and beverage services
  • jetlag mitigation, sleep and light exposure
  • physical activity
  • transit lounge design.

Find out more about our partnership with Qantas.

An array of fresh vegetables and fruit in a market

Making healthy food affordable for everyone

In the City of Sydney council area around 17,000 residents don’t have reliable access to affordable healthy food, and more than 3.6 million Australians experience some kind of food insecurity each year, according to FoodBank Australia.

The University’s Sydney Environment Institute is leading a research-driven initiative that places power in the hands of local heroes to reduce those sobering numbers. Called FoodLab Sydney, it’s a custom-designed program that provides support and training to people who want to bring their own idea for a food business or career to life in their own community.

The institute and UNSW Canberra have joined forces with the City of Sydney and TAFE NSW for this unique example of a local government-community-university partnership.  Find out more about FoodLab Sydney.

A female teacher poses in a role in front of a child

Drama takes lead role in English and literacy teaching

The University has jointly pioneered a new approach to drama teaching that has already benefited more than 27,000 students and teachers, through a partnership with the Sydney Theatre Company.

Called School Drama, the unique program originally paired teaching artists – often professional actors – with teachers in primary school classroom dynamic duos. Recently it has expanded into secondary schools, juvenile justice centres and migrant and refugee English language centres.

School Drama reinvents conventional artist-in-residence initiatives, where the teaching is often one way – more of a fly-in, fly-out arrangement. It will soon reach every state and territory in Australia. Find out more about the impact of the University’s School Drama partnership.

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