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Innovation Hub

Supporting and developing University of Sydney startups

The Sydney Innovation Hub was established in 2016 to provide a facility for University of Sydney students, staff and alumni to create and innovate with industry, community and each other. 

Our aim is to help students, staff and alumni transform their ideas into high potential startup businesses. The Hub provides an approachable, collaborative and supportive environment for early stage startups. 

Startups gain access to:

  • custom designed space for technology enabled collaboration
  • team working and meetings
  • experts in residence
  • expert helpdesks
  • professional development seminars
  • industry roundtables
  • mentoring and advice.

We offers a range of opportunities to those who have an interest in startups and innovation – whether you want to attend a panel event, enter an innovation competition, prototype a product or launch a startup.

Our programs

HatchLab is an incubator program that provides a supportive environment for early-stage startups to hatch and grow, for up to 12 months. The first 12 months is a critical time for every startup and having expert help, resources and support can maximise your chances of success. Starting a business is challenging, however, working alongside other early-stage startups can help you stay creative and focused.

Program support

  • Events and networking opportunities
  • experts-in-residence for one-on-one advice
  • helpdesks for accounting and finance, marketing and sales, and legal issues
  • industry and government mentors
  • workshops and professional development programs.

Registrations are now closed and no longer accepted.

The Innovation Hub offers Drop-in sessions for students from any faculty. If you have an idea that they would like to develop into an enterprise, you are welcome to book a time for a face to face consultation with a member of the Innovation Hub team.

These Drop-in sessions offer the opportunity to discuss your ideas, your point of development and those aides you might find useful in turning ideas into practical products or services. Aids include contact with; entrepreneurs, business professionals, academics, sources of funds, legal assistance as well as a range of resources that most specifically apply to your enterprise.

Book a session.

Insights into Startups is a series of panel events hosted by the Sydney Innovation Hub that seeks to educate students about the opportunities provided by startups and the intricacies of running or working for one.

Students can book a session to receive one-on-one professional guidance from leading industry experts in any of following areas:

  • startup legal
  • finance and accounting
  • strategy
  • pitching
  • technical and IT development.

Finding Your Big Idea

There is a misconception that ideas are generated through a light bulb moment, and that you are either born with creativity or not. This seminar aims to dispel those myths, and teach you how ideas and creativity can be developed through a deliberate process.

Getting Your Idea Off the Ground

The biggest risk to a business is not failing once you start up, it’s the risk that it never exists in the first place! Once you have your idea, it can be daunting to work out how to take the next step when the final outcome seems so far away. This seminar explains the process of turning your business idea into reality through a logical and manageable framework.

The Sydney Innovation Hub offers one-day workshops to give University of Sydney students real insights into how startups generate ideas and turn them into innovative products and solutions. The workshop is conducted for current students from a range of different backgrounds. You do not require any startup ideas or entrepreneurial background to attend.

What will you learn?

  • Schematic visualisation of the current business environment
  • identification of potential differentiation points with existing solutions
  • assessment of feasible solutions
  • prototyping of concrete ideas
  • pitching to the right audience.

For industry enquiries:

James Meade
Head, The University of Sydney Innovation Hub

For student enquiries:

Camilla Chau
Program Coordinator

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