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Community partnerships

Sharing ideas that are shaping our future

We hold public talks and partner with cultural festivals that bring creativity and innovation to the heart of Sydney.

We believe it's our job, as a university, to build platforms for brilliant ideas to spread through the community. We collaborate on cultural events and festivals throughout the year that encourage creative and intellectual exploration.

Our programs and partnerships include:

Sydney Ideas

Sydney Ideas was established to share our belief in the value of ideas that make a difference, by bringing leading thinkers from Australia and the world to the University and the Sydney community.

In 2016, we celebrate 10 years since the first Sydney Ideas event with Robert Fisk, in March 2006. Since then we have held 671 events for more than 102,000 attendees.

There have been many highlights, and we're now adding our extensive archive of podcasts to Soundcloud, including new playlists for Creativity, Why History Matters, and Voices from the Middle East. If you have a topic you’re particularly interested in, send us an email and we'll create a playlist for you from our archives.

Check out this month’s Sydney Ideas line up and sign up for our monthly newsletter, or get a taste with a podcast of some of our recent events on our website or visit Soundcloud.