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Consultation and evaluation

How we govern and evaluate the Disability Action Plan

Two committees are responsible for ensuring the Disability Action Plan 2013-18 meets its objectives and supports a culture of inclusion and access.

The Consultative Committee and Senior Executive Group Sub-Committee serve complementary functions in reviewing feedback on the execution of the Disability Action Plan (DAP). They meet twice per semester for the duration of the plan.

As an evolving plan of action, the DAP is subject to ongoing feedback and criticism from the University community. Part of the Consultative Committee’s role is to review feedback and surface key points to the Senior Executive Group for consideration.

Consultative Committee responsibilities

  • Support the implementation of all six objectives of the Disability Action Plan 2013–18, which includes improving access and participation of staff and students with a disability to all areas of the University.
  • Undertake projects of work as received from the DAP Senior Executive Group Sub-Committee.
  • Act as a forum for staff and students to raise key issues regarding access and participation for staff and students with a disability.
  • Forward for consideration to the DAP Senior Executive Group Sub-Committee items relevant to its business.

Senior Executive Group Sub-Committee responsibilities

  • Prioritise recommendations from the Consultative Committee with respect to planning the implementation of the recommendations, and advise on the appropriate budget allocations for the annual implementation plan.
  • Oversee, review, evaluate and report on the outcomes, as set out in the DAP.
  • Monitor and assist the development and implementation of local faculty and business unit DAPs.
  • Provide quarterly reports to the Senior Executive Group on the progress of implementation of the DAP and signal outstanding issues for resolution.
  • Conduct an annual survey of staff and students to monitor and evaluate the success of the DAP, including measures of the culture of inclusivity within the University.
  • Receive from and send to other sub-committees of the Senior Executive Group, including Divisional Boards, reports as appropriate.

Disability Action Plan 2013-18

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