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Animal agriculture

Leading the way for livestock

We're developing digital technologies, monitors, methods and models to improve the health, welfare, quality and economic and environmental sustainability of production animals.

We have made significant contributions to the development of the livestock sector in Australia and globally through our agriculture, veterinary science, engineering, and business disciplines. Researchers across animal agriculture have expertise in virtually all areas related to animal production, and receive funding from a wide range of sources.

What is animal agriculture?

Animal agriculture brings together researchers working in areas from livestock production on farms to meat processing, from marketing of animal produce to agribusiness, and from environmental challenges to dairy processing, to facilitate research throughout the entire supply chain.

Current research projects include:

  • modelling livestock production systems
  • remote sensing and landscape management of livestock production
  • greenhouse fluxes
  • animal welfare
  • farm animal health and biosecurity
  • precision livestock farming using new technologies for farm and animal management
  • livestock reproduction and fertility
  • animal nutrition
  • meat quality
  • livestock genetics and genomics.