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Where to give

Your charitable gift can become the solution

You can support a specific cause or give us the choice of deciding where your donation will have immediate impact.

If you want your charitable gift to have the biggest impact, give to our priority fund. Or contact one of our development team who can help you decide how to show your support.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.

Make the biggest impact

Donations to our priority fund support the areas across the University that need it the most.

An unrestricted charitable gift is one of the most valuable gifts you can give, because it allows us to direct your donation to where it will have the greatest impact, including urgent priorities.

Give now or for more information on unrestricted giving, contact:

Sydney Development Fund
T: +61 2 8627 8818

Give to specific causes

Your charitable gift can help our researchers tackle some of the 21st century’s greatest global health challenges, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseasesubstance abuse, autism, depression and dementia, and cancer.

You can support our work to alleviate human suffering through cannabinoid therapeutics, or helping to solve the future challenges of  food supply and sustainable land management.

Your gift can have an immediate impact on the community through award-winning health services provided to remote NSW communities, and support for stray animals in need of veterinary care.

Give now or for more information on supporting our research, contact:

Joel Smith
Director of Development, Charles Perkins Centre
T: + 61 2 9351 3574

You can donate to education by supporting or establishing scholarships, bursaries or awards in a particular area of study or field of research.

Or help us encourage children from low socioeconomic backgrounds to enrol in higher education, by supporting our flexible entry schemes, outreach programs, and other academic support.

Give now to support our education fund for current and future students, or for more information, contact:

Lindsay Robinson
Director of Development, Arts and Cultural Engagement
T: +61 2 8627 8625

Your support can help us to be a place where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff can fully achieve their academic goals.

In 2015, our donors helped us support 47 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students as part of our flexible entry pathways, and we raised $30,000 from our supporters following the launch of the NSW Freedom Ride Scholarships Fund.

Give now to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation, or for more information, contact:

Sophia Robson
Associate Director of Development, Indigenous Strategy and Services
T: +61 2 9351 7902

Your support can help our librariesmuseums and art gallery maintain and expand their extensive and unique collections, which only exist thanks to the generous support of our donors.

Your gift will help us preserve and grow our collections and increase Australia’s cultural wealth.

Give now to our libraries, museums, art gallery and theatres or for more information, contact:

Lindsay Robinson
Director of Development, Arts and Cultural Engagement
T: +61 2 8627 8625

Students living in a residential college on campus can establish life-long relationships with both their college and fellow students and receive an additional level of social, academic and financial support.

The University’s residential colleges play an important role in INSPIRED. As campaign partners, funds raised by each participating college contribute to our fundraising goal.

You support will help ensure our students have access to a high quality residential environment and a supportive space where they can focus on their studies.

You can support the following residential colleges directly: