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INSPIRED philanthropic campaign

Making lives better, together

Every gift contributes to INSPIRED – Australia’s most successful philanthropic campaign.

What inspires our donors, inspires our students, inspires our researchers and inspires our staff. Together we are inspired to do more.

We are one community, working to give vision to the blind, revive an ancient language, cure diabetesfeed the world, solve the housing crisis, end cancer and so much more. Since the campaign began in 2008, thanks to donor support we have:

  • raised more than $800 million
  • received support from more than 57,000 donors, from across all seven continents
  • created more than 2000 scholarships
  • developed more than 10 state-of-the-art buildings
  • established more than 30 professorial chairs and
  • directed more than $230 million towards life-changing research.

It’s exciting to think about what our researchers, staff and students are achieving with your support. Join us to make lives better, now and forever.

INSPIRED is a celebration of all that we are capable of delivering. Our donors, students, staff and alumni all have a part to play. By working together we can drive innovation, advance knowledge, pursue discoveries and leave our mark on the wider world.
Dr Michael Spence (BA ’85 LLB ’87) Vice-Chancellor and Principal

Waging war on diabetes

A generous donation could mean a new future for diabetes research

A scientist researching the genetics of type 2 diabetes and a published author and children’s advocate are linked by a common goal – supporting inspirational research.