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Professor John Redmond

Dean's welcome

Solving the most challenging global problems of our time

Over the last 100 years the School has developed a strong platform of leadership in teaching, research and knowledge-sharing across the built environment.

Critical thinking and expertise are now vital in the highly-urbanised areas in which we live.

The global problems of sustainability, urban health, transport infrastructure, loss of heritage and community do not daunt us, but rather energise us to find innovative, achievable solutions to improve people’s lives.

The intellectual capacity across the School is both broad and deep and takes a local and global view. Increasingly we are collaborating across disciplines so that expertise in one area supports research in another. In this way, we harness data mining and machine learning to support urban planning problems, and heritage conservation challenges are being addressed by drones.

We view architecture as a tool of community transformation so that our graduates and researchers are pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

The realm of architecture, design and urban planning is complex and increasingly collaborative and I am inspired by the School’s achievements and those of its alumni to drive innovation and social equity.

Professor John Redmond
Head of School and Dean, Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning