Professor John Redmond

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning

G04 - Wilkinson Building
The University of Sydney

Telephone 9351 5924

Biographical details

Professor John Redmond commenced as Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning on the 30th of August 2010, bringing a wealth of experience in University management and academic leadership.

Up until his appointment to Sydney Professor Redmond was the Foundation Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design at Monash University where he established and built the Faculty into one of the leaders in its field, along the way overseeing the development of the award winning Art & Design building by Denton Corker Marshall. He also Chaired the Monash University Museum of Art and has overseen the development of its new galleries at the heart of a new 'arts' precinct at the Caulfield Campus. Professor Redmond also oversaw the introduction of the Faculty's studio-based PhD program and directed the development and introduction of Monash's Architecture program, the first new Architecture program in Australia for 30 years, and already the course with the highest ENTER score in Victoria.

Prior to moving to Monash in 1994, Professor Redmond was the Foundation Head of Industrial Design at the University of New South Wales.

Research interests

His own work has been particularly focussed on industrial design but has also covered communications design and the design of environments. Much of his work has been in industry-based research and practice. Other work has ranged from design of equipment, to work on the nature of design research, the theory of form, the aesthetics of products, and the visual and design aspects of the protection of intellectual property.


Professor Redmond is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London and is a Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia.

He was a member of the Design Committee for the Sydney Olympic Games and was one of a select few designers appointed as a delegate to the Federal Government's 2020 Summit.

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