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Department of Linguistics

The scientific study of language
Finding out what language is like and why so we can understand communication, culture, social life and the human mind.

Our department offers expertise in languages of the Asia-Pacific region, language in media and education and varieties of English spoken worldwide. We explore relations between language and culture, language and mind, language in social interaction, cross-cultural communication, and analysis of language structure, from sounds to grammar, meaning and texts.

We have strong connections to linguistic researchers throughout the University, in several language departments as well as in English, education, psychology, information technology, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and the Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC).

Study area

Our research

  • Research on languages of Australasia
  • Indigenous languages of Australasia
  • Language and the emotions
  • Language and mind
  • Language and multimodality
  • Language in education
  • Media discourse
  • Systemic functional linguistics
  • Field linguistics and language documentation
  • Functional linguistics
  • Corpus linguistics and Digital Humanities
  • Sociolinguistics and socio-cultural linguistics
  • History and philosophy of linguistics
  • Language contact

Our people

  • Dr Alice Caffarel
  • Dr Anthony Diller
  • Dr Sebastian Fedden
  • Dr Marie Fellbaum Korpi
  • Associate Professor Sue Hood
  • Dr Barbara Horvath
  • Mr Trevor Johnston
  • Dr Yankee Modi
  • Dr Maïa Ponsonnet
  • Dr David Rose
  • Dr Michael Walsh


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Department chair

Dr Monika Bednarek

Department of Linguistics

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 5pm Friday: 10am - 4pm