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Closing the gap: a commitment to gender equality

27 February 2018
Empowering women in leadership
Our partnership with UN Women NC Australia has made it possible for thirteen inspiring women to undertake the MBA. Read their stories.
Amelia Franklin

Amelia Franklin

Director, Amelia Franklin Coffee Roasters

Amelia Franklin is the Director of Amelia Franklin Coffee Roasters and President of the Australian Chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. In 2018, Amelia began her company’s transition to People of Coffee, an Australian not-for-profit to better reflect its community values.

“I have been advocating for women in coffee since the day I started roasting and inspiring more women to be involved in the coffee industry,” said Amelia. “Specifically, I have been working to empower women by giving them access to markets through my commercial coffee roastery and introducing their coffee to other coffee buyers.”

Amelia believes that the Global Executive MBA program will allow her to continue to achieve meaningful outcomes for all women in coffee. “Women will be the leaders in the face of climate change in the coffee industry as they do over 70 percent of the work and are left on the land while the men look for work elsewhere,” she said.

Angela Lauman

Angela Lauman

Legal Aid ACT & ACT Women's Legal Centre Lawyer

For the past decade, Angela Lauman has fought for justice for women and girls in the corridors of world power and on the streets of the national capital in her confronting role as a lawyer for Legal Aid ACT and the ACT Women’s Legal Centre. She has driven a “respectful relationships” program in schools, joined an ACT Ministerial Advisory Council, worked to address financial abuse, represented Australian women at the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women and sat on numerous committees.

Today, Angela is justifiably known as a leading advocate for gender equality and women’s leadership and she intends to continue her campaign with the help of a part-time MBA.

“I am committed to building my business and management skills, and ultimately my goal is to run and manage a community sector organisation,” said Angela. “I see an opportunity such as completing the MBA as a key piece in the puzzle of achieving this goal.”

Tara Edgtton

Tara Edgtton

Australian Federal Police Officer

Tara Edgtton has been a sworn Australian Federal Police Officer for 19 years and has worked across a diverse range of leadership and support roles, including most recently as Acting Director of Leadership Education (Design) at the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM).

While at the AIPM, Ms Edgtton developed the ‘Balance: Women Leaders in Public Safety’ program, which is designed to empower women in leadership as well as improve women’s lives, safety, and capacity to contribute to the community.

“Growing the Balance program was a privilege and challenge driven by my passion for positive change and my deeply held values and beliefs about women succeeding as leaders.

“I believe the University of Sydney MBA will allow me to improve my management and leadership skills to create an environment that encourages outstanding innovation and motivation for individual and organisational success. I look forward to the opportunity to see what works for gender equity from other industries to share with own organisation.”

Katie Moore, UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship recipient

Katie Moore

Indigenous Business Australia

Katie Moore describes herself as a proud Wiradjuri woman from Western Sydney, and believes that the tourism industry in regional areas has the ability transform the lives of Indigenous Australians through employment, training and economic development.

Her bachelor’s degree is in international tourism management, and she is now driving strategic projects with Indigenous Business Australia which assists Indigenous Australians to buy their own homes, establish successful businesses and invest in profitable commercial ventures.

“Through IBA I have observed that there is a great need for innovation and an ability to deliver social and economic solutions to all Australians. Through the MBA I hope to develop new knowledge and understandings of how business can have an impact, particularly in regional Australia.”

Emma Brown, UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship recipient

Emma Brown

Finance Manager Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Finance Manager for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Emma Brown, is working in the midst of a critical and sector-defining time, with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). She is passionate about empowering her staff through authentic, effective communication and recognition of their individual value, and preparing the way for future generations of workers.

“I was absolutely thrilled (if not a little surprised!) to be awarded the scholarship. I will be able to draw upon a deep pool of knowledge and experience to ensure that I have the resources to make the greatest impact I can in my role. I would encourage anyone who is passionate about diversity, equality and positive social change to set self-doubt aside and apply. Regardless of the outcome, both the people you meet as part of the application process and involvement in the discussion forum will be truly invaluable.”

Nancy Nguyen, UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship recipient

Nancy Nguyen

Commercial Manager, Woodside Energy

Nancy Nguyen was our inaugural recipient in 2014. A Perth based Commercial Manager for Woodside Energy with 11 years in the oil and gas industry, she is helping to transform the future of green energy, as well as further empower others on issues of gender diversity in the sector.

“My aspiration for applying for the scholarship was to hone my leadership and entrepreneurial capability to influence and establish clean energy options through the use of technology and innovation.

“The MBA program provided an immersive experience which pushed me outside my comfort zone and helped accelerate my thinking. It has been fundamental in realising my goals and purpose.”

Claire Taylor, UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship recipient

Claire Taylor

Head of Advocacy and External Relations, Royal Far West

Claire Taylor is the Head of Advocacy and External Relations for Royal Far West which provides integrated health, education and disability services to children in remote and rural Australia.

“It is a tremendous honour to have been awarded the scholarship. The University of Sydney MBA will allow me to bridge the gap between my existing skill set, and the management tools I need to be a stronger leader. The course will also broaden my networks, introduce me to innovative ways of thinking, and encourage me to dream bigger.

“Often, the role of a charity is seen as service delivery, capacity building, and advocacy. However, charities also need strong business management, sound financial advice, and a culture of fostering innovation. These are skills I hope to develop through the MBA."

Amanda Robbins, UN Women NC Australia Global Executive MBA Scholarship recipient

Amanda Robbins

Founder, Equity Economics

Amanda Robbins is the founder of Equity Economics, a female-led policy consultancy, and Deputy-Director of Australia’s largest economic governance program, the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Economic Governance. Amanda was awarded the UN Women NC Australia Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) Scholarship.

“It can be difficult for people, often women, to prioritise investing in their education with competing pressures on their time, finances and interests. The scholarship has helped me to make the decision to return to study and make the time to think more deeply about the challenges facing organisations and leadership.

“Having worked in Jakarta for the last three years I was looking for a course that would bring me home to Sydney while still being connected to the global economy. The University of Sydney’s Global Executive MBA incorporates study in urban and rural Australia, India, America, England and Israel. It’s going to be a fascinating 18 months.”

Anmol Saini, UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship recipient

Anmol Saini

Associate Director, PwC Australia

Associate Director at PwC Australia, Anmol Saini, among her many other accomplishments, was influential in establishing the Virangana Project a not-for-profit initiative focussed on bridging the gap between the Australian & Indian start-up communities by providing entrepreneurial Indian women with mentoring support and opportunities to be flown to Australia to pitch to investors.

“I found myself researching this MBA scholarship program after being inspired by Emma Watson’s HeforShe launch campaign speech. What I discovered was a newly created MBA focused on personal transformation, self-awareness and self-management, together with the opportunity to support the UN Women NC Australia – it was exactly what I was looking for.

“To me, this MBA scholarship has been more than just an academic qualification. It has been the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to question, challenge and re-define who I am and who I want to be, as a woman, a professional and a member of society.”

Dr Kim Johnstone, UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship recipient

Dr Kim Johnstone

Manager Research and Strategy, NSW Data Analytics Centre

Dr Kim Johnstone, Manager Research and Strategy, NSW Data Analytics Centre, is helping plan for the future by providing population insights. She has worked tirelessly to support women through her paid and volunteer work.

“I've always been an advocate for women, starting when I was 12 and wanted to do woodwork instead of sewing at school, and continuing through my work. When I applied for the scholarship I was at a bit of a crossroads in my career. The scholarship provided a wonderful opportunity to expand my skills and reframe how I used my skills in my work and volunteer roles as non-Executive Director.

“It is a wonderful opportunity, and for women who are thinking about doing an MBA, you have nothing to lose by applying. I also found that the application process itself really invigorating, because it made me think about my career and how to improve women's representation at senior levels.”

Galina Barret, UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship recipient

Galina Barret

Lawyer and Economist

A lawyer and economist with experience in international relations, Galina Barret, is passionate about making further and more effective contributions to advancing the cause of women’s economic empowerment and gender equity by making the most of every opportunity.

“The most rewarding part of the journey has been recognising change – my own and that of my colleagues – in the way we approach different problems.

“There are many reasons the past year has expanded my world view; it has challenged me, required me to learn new ways of thinking and problem-solving that were not previously in my field of vision, and most of all, it has inspired me to go beyond the pedestrian. So if you’re thinking of further study, consider the UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship – you won’t regret it.”

Kerryn Richardson, UN Women NC Australia Global Executive MBA Scholarship recipient

Kerryn Richardson

Director of Strategic Planning and Governance, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Kerryn Richardson is the first recipient of our UN Women NC Australia Global Executive MBA Scholarship, and the Director of Strategic Planning and Governance at the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries. Her strong leadership has been evident across various roles within government organisations, as well as in the instrumental part she has played in mentoring other women to help them succeed.

“It is my vision to utilise my career to help people and the planet. The UN Women NC Australia Global Executive MBA Scholarship accelerates my ability to serve better outcomes.

“The program will equip me with the tools and perspectives to take back into organisational development and reveal new opportunities where I can value add. I will be exposed to a new learning environment, people and experiences to fully drive diversity and inclusion in practice as well as other efforts in designing action to create benefits in my workplace, using a full spectrum of as many tools as I can acquire.”

Adele Langton, UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship recipient

Adele Langton

Vice President, North America at CMAX Advisory

Adele Langton, Vice President, North America at CMAX Advisory, and former ministerial advisor, has devoted her career to improving the lives of women faced with adversity through her work in private volunteering, board representation, public policy and advisory services in the United States.

“After a decade of focusing broadly on policy, I wanted to gain insights into different business models and a better understanding of leadership, and develop frameworks for a new way of looking at the world.

“The calibre of the other students is incredible. I am studying with game-changers working in roles I didn’t even know existed, as well as alongside thought leaders and CEOs I had read about in the press.

“I would absolutely encourage others to apply. Make sure you park any reservations or hesitations about your likelihood of success, and also make sure to enjoy the process.”


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