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Students on industry placement

Internships and placements

Gain real-world industry experience while you study
We have a number of opportunities available to help prepare you for your career in the business world.

Anna Bezuglova, Industry Placement Program

Anna talks about her experience spending six weeks in Paris working as an international marketing consultant. 

The NEXT Innovation Program is a globally recognised, award-winning program designed to equip business and management students with work-ready skills. It is structured for developing market-tested 'business of tomorrow' concepts in a constructed timeframe. 

The program allows students to work with mentors from Deloitte and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and aims to replicate a corporate innovation community comprising students, corporate mentors, program coordinators and additional participants.


Enrolment into the program or unit of study is selective and only those students who successfully proceed through the selection process are considered for placements. Students from the Master of Commerce and the Master of Professional Accounting are eligible to apply.

The selection criteria for NEXT is:

  • a 60-second video explaining why you want to participate in NEXT
  • credit average or above
  • successful completion of 48 credit points

Students are responsible for their own degree progression and must ensure they have sufficient room in their degree, or permission to overload. Students should contact the Student Centre for assistance with degree progressions.

How to apply

The NEXT Innovation Accelerator application is a two-part process: an online application followed by a pre-approval and a formal approval after grades have been released.

Step 1: Online Application

To complete your online application, you are required to submit the following information:

  1. a 60-second video explaining why you want to be in NEXT
  2. a copy of your academic record printed from Sydney Student

If successful during STEP 1 you will receive a pre-approval for the NEXT Innovation Accelerator.

Step 2: Formal Approval

After grades are released from the semester immediately preceding the semester you wish to enrol in NEXT, you will receive a notification that you can now enrol in NEXT provided you meet the minimum academic requirements.

Apply now using the NEXT Innovation Accelerator Program application form. Please contact if you have any questions regarding the application process.

In recognition of the value that experiential learning adds to the development of your employability skills, the Business School is offering students the opportunity to earn credit for a placement or internship that you have sourced yourself. 

The program differs from other internships or work experience programs by complementing your placement experience with a unit of study.

Access all that the University of Sydney Business School has to offer alongside your professional development with your employer through our cadetship. 

As your cadetship will encompass both work and study, the timetable for cadetship students is tailored to ensure that you meet both your academic and employment requirements. We offer classes in blocks on a particular day of the week as well as a range of evening classes in core units of study.

Jessica Skinner

Jessica Skinner, Bachelor of Commerce student
United States Industry Placement Program participant
"The opportunity to immerse myself within the Tourism Australia team in Los Angeles allowed me to develop my marketing skills, while opening my eyes to many career avenues in marketing, communications and PR."
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Qin Huang

Qin Huang, Master of International Business
Master of International Business
"I worked on a real-life consulting project in Malaysia for the Maggie Beer Company. The experience was invaluable to me and helped in securing a role in international trade between Australia and China."
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