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Engineering and Information Technologies

“What we consider to be impossible are simply engineering problems,” physics professor and futurist Michio Kaku says. From wi-fi to space travel, engineers, project managers and information technology professionals develop innovative and sustainable solutions to society’s greatest problems. When you study at the University of Sydney, you can be part of achieving the impossible.

Our students work closely with leading academics, researchers and industry partners to create smarter ways of running our planet. They help airlines to fly cleaner and farmers to increase crop yields, explore deep under water or in outer space and bring solar power to remote communities. You can try out mechanical, chemical, computer, electrical, environmental, space or structural engineering before settling on a specialisation that will shape your career.

From smartphones, 3D printers and drones to transport networks, smart cities and the internet of things –  all hardware needs software to drive it. Computing and information systems help us gather and translate data that changes the way the world functions, from running a bank to the temperature of an operating theatre. By studying computing at Sydney, you’ll develop the creativity, originality and problem-solving skills that employers across many sectors value most. 

At Sydney, you can combine engineering or IT with a degree in science, arts, commerce, law, medicine or even music, and broaden your horizons in Australia and overseas.

Our students have become project managers in construction, energy and financial services, electrical engineers in telecommunications systems, civil engineers in government and public policy, data analysts and computer programmers. They work in disaster recovery and humanitarian aid, renewable energy, medical device manufacture, vehicle and engine design and software solutions. Engineering and IT are the fields of the future.

#1 for Graduate employability

Our graduates are ranked first in Australia and fourth in the world for graduate employability

Bachelor of Advanced Computing

Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Chemical and Biomolecular)

Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronic)

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