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China crowd abstract

Has fear of the coronavirus outbreak been weaponised to breed racial hatred and prejudice? Join us to discuss. 

Leadership for good: combating viral panic, misinformation and racism

  • Monday 2 March, 6.30pm
  • In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, a new wave of racial prejudices is rising. Join our panel, including an epidemiologist, a historian and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney, to examine this problem. Register now

Tides: from curious Kimberley to cannibalistic black holes

  • Thursday 12 March, 6.30pm
  • Why does the Earth have two tides a day? What causes spring and neap tides? Dive into the fascinating and mysterious topic of tides with astronomer Don Kurtz. Register now

Eat like the animals

  • Monday 23 March, 6.30pm
  • David Raubenheimer and Stephen Simpson have been studying animal appetites. They share lessons from nature for nutritional balance, weight control and a longer life. Register now

Climate change: the convergence of crisis

  • Monday 30 March, 6.30pm
  • Join Sharan Burrow, Ross Garnaut and Frances Flanagan to tackle the climate emergency, inequality and the breakdown of trust in democracy. Register now

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