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18 September 2019

University of Sydney launches School of Biomedical Engineering

Launched today, the Faculty of Engineering's new School of Biomedical Engineering aims to "continue the University's record of real-world problem-solving."
17 September 2019

Engineering for the future

The emergence of new technology has caused a surge in demand for graduates skilled in AI, cyber-security and big data. Our new degrees provide hands-on experience and give students the tools needed to meet the challenges of this technology-driven future.
16 September 2019

What is a pixel?

Last week, Pixar co-founder and first director of computer graphics at Lucasfilms, Dr Alvy Ray Smith joined our Dean of Engineering to discuss the immeasurable impact of one 20th century invention: the pixel.
30 August 2019

Engineering researchers win prestigious prize

A University of Sydney PhD student within the School of Computer Science, Oana Balmau has been awarded the 2019 Usenix Best Paper Prize.
28 August 2019

Eureka Prizes: Sydney leads the way in leadership and innovation

Our researchers have won three Eureka Prizes, including two prizes for scientific leadership and a third for innovative use of technology.
27 August 2019

University receives $4 million for data science research

The University of Sydney has been announced as a recipient of a $3.9 million ARC grant, which will enable researchers to apply data science models against real world challenges, such as water storage, biodiversity loss and the extraction of mineral resources.
26 August 2019

Three finalists in India Australia Business and Community Awards

The India Australia Business and Community Awards celebrate the Australia-India relationship and honour entrepreneurship and community leadership.
23 August 2019

What's happening in the Amazon?

Scientists, engineers and anthropology experts from the University of Sydney discuss the inferno that's raging through the Amazon, devastating large swathes of rainforest and increasing CO2 levels.
22 August 2019

Sydney academics recognised for cardiovascular research excellence

Two University of Sydney researchers who are taking a unique and innovative approach to the study of cardiovascular health have each been awarded the Ministerial Award for Cardiovascular Research Excellence.
22 August 2019

Academic named 'Civil Engineer of the Year'

The University of Sydney's Head of Civil Engineering, Professor Brian Uy has been named 2019 Sir John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year at a celebration marking the centenary of Engineers Australia.