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Undergraduate degrees

Be prepared for a career where innovation makes a real difference

Studying engineering, computing or project management at the University of Sydney will provide you with the highest technical skills through both theory and practice, preparing you for the future world of work.

Why study engineering, computing or project management?

So you’re doing your HSC (or equivalent) at high school and starting to think about the kind of undergraduate degree to do at university. How do you know if a career in engineering, computing or project management is right for you?

Start by checking if any of the following statements sound like you.

  • I enjoy mathematics and science subjects at school (and I’m good at them).
  • I love a challenge: exploring how a problem can be solved from different perspectives.
  • I’m creative and would love a career where I can develop innovative ideas.
  • I’d like to be involved in projects that make a real difference in people’s lives.
  • I enjoy making things that work and making things work better.
  • Seeing the impact of my work, being able to say ‘I contributed to that’, is important to me.
  • I believe that being prepared for future jobs (maybe even those not yet invented) will make the difference in getting a job when I finish university.
  • When I think of what kind of industry that excites me, I think of things like healthcare, the environment, defence, aviation, robotics, humanitarian aid, telecommunications or technology.

If you agreed with at least three of these statements, an undergraduate degree in engineering, computing or project management should be your first preference.

Why choose Sydney?

Studying engineering, computing or project management at the University of Sydney will give you the opportunity to apply your developing expertise to creatively tackle authentic problems in industry, community, research and innovation settings.

Our 1200-strong industry connections will help you to build your career network through internships, placements and consultancy projects.

Our engineering degrees are accredited by Engineers Australia, and you will graduate with globally recognised qualifications, giving you more opportunities to work anywhere in the world.

If you are a high achiever looking to develop your leadership skills and professional network, you can apply for a Leadership Scholarship, one of Australia’s most valuable programs.

If you’re interested in the facts and figures about engineering and technology at the University of Sydney, check out our rankings and more.