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Medicinal marijuana plant turned into medicine

Our research

Novel research being explored by the Lambert Initiative

Our research focus is to unlock the therapeutic potential of plant-derived cannabinoids and full-spectrum cannabis extracts. More than 15 foundation projects are currently being funded and novel findings are being produced.

Our research objectives

Over the next three to four years, our focus will be on developing cannabinoid treatments for a number of clinical targets set out under six key research themes, each with its own set of strategic objectives. These themes are:

  1. Extracting and creating cannabinoids
  2. Molecular targets and disease pathways
  3. Preclinical models of human disease
  4. New molecules and formulations in humans
  5. Establishing and developing evidence in humans
  6. Availability and quality of cannabinoid treatment for patients

Both clinical and pre-clinical studies are the focus of the research work. Preclinical studies will enable us to develop a concrete base of evidence from which we can undertake the most innovative and effective clinical trials. Preclinical work will help reveal the mechanisms of cannabinoids on disease states using advanced screening techniques and cellular and animal models. By understanding the mechanisms involved, this basic research will be critical in allowing us to determine which cannabinoids (or combinations) should be prioritised in future clinical studies.

There are a plethora of illnesses, a wide range of biological mechanisms, and a multiplicity of phytocannabinoids and full-spectrum extracts to consider when determining the research priorities. We will examine the potential of phytocannabinoids to treat a range of priority conditions such as paediatric epilepsy, addiction, cancer and pain. The therapeutic opportunities in these areas are vast.