If you hold any of the qualifications listed on the LPAB's 'Application for Registration as a Student-at-Law' (Form 1) you may be eligible to enrol. These include:

  • a STAT result of at least 149 (see below*);
  • a university degree;
  • a NSW Higher School Certificate and an ATAR of at least 68.90 or a UAI of at least 66 or a TER of at least 50 and specified minimum English marks (or the equivalent in another state or New Zealand); for high school qualifications obtained before 1990, refer to Form 1: 'Application for Registration as a Student-at-Law';
  • a university or TAFE college Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Diploma;
  • a pass in the International Baccalaureate examination, with minimum 30 points and specified minimum standard in English;
  • admission to candidature for a degree within the Australian Qualifications Framework;
  • past or present employment as a paralegal or legal secretary for at least three years;
  • past or present employment as a police officer or registered nurse.

*You can qualify for entry to the course through the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT). The STAT is a test that assesses your capabilities for tertiary study. You can undertake the STAT by booking with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). For further information please see the STAT website: https://stat.acer.edu.au. An overall STAT result of 149 or above is required for entry to the course.