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15 November 2018

Sydney Law School graduate wins NSW Young Lawyer of the Year award

Bachelor of Laws alumnus Samuel Murray on the value of being named NSW Young Lawyer of the Year, and his advice for young lawyers coming into the profession.
14 November 2018

Sydney students win Australasian awards for peer leadership

Students from the University of Sydney Business School and Sydney Law School have been recognised for their contributions to peer education in the 2018 Australasian Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Leader Awards.
22 October 2018

Sydney Law School offers $500,000 in scholarships

We are proud to offer our students and graduates more than half a million dollars worth of scholarships for law study.
19 October 2018

Software to prevent exam cheating wins Sydney Genesis funding

An inexpensive and scalable exam laptop that deters hacking and cheating was among the winners of the University of Sydney Business School's Sydney Genesis final pitch night.
18 October 2018

Where can a Juris Doctor degree lead you?

The Juris Doctor (JD) is one of Australia's most highly regarded professional graduate entry degrees. It will prepare you to become a lawyer and develop your analysis, research, writing and advocacy skills. See where the Sydney JD has taken these four graduates.
15 October 2018

2018 ACCEL year in review

Leading practitioners and academics analysed and provided insights into major developments in environmental law.
27 September 2018

Sydney team wins Gibbs Moot

Sydney Law School students Ruben Robertson, Joy Chen and Rowan O’Donnell have been named as the 2018 winners of the Sir Harry Gibbs Constitutional Law Moot.
20 September 2018

Graduate named global winner in Undergraduate Awards

Congratulations to Bachelor of Laws alumnus James Monaghan who has been named a 2018 Global Winner in the Undergraduate Awards.
20 September 2018

How the law failed the victims of the Bowraville murder case

Last week, the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal added another chapter to the decades-long story of injustice for the Indigenous community of Bowraville. David Hamer from Sydney Law School explores how the laws of 'double jeopardy' have put obstacles in the path of the prosecution for a third child murder.
19 September 2018

When politics corrupts the fairness of elections

Arranging election district boundaries can be made to favour a particular party, creating a problem for democracy. Working for the Campaign Legal Centre, alumna Ruth Greenwood is on the front line, fighting for fairness.
18 September 2018

The law professor who changed lives and inspired a $195,000 gift

Tom Yim says he would never have got through University without the help of Emeritus Professor Colin Phegan. Now he is honouring his former lecturer by making a gift that will help a new generation of law students.

17 September 2018

The corporate trailblazer promoting diversity and inclusion

List the ASX 100 companies with an Asian woman as CEO, and you'll have just two. Alumna, Ming Long, was the first woman to get there and now she's making it easier for more to follow.
06 September 2018

Sydney Law School academic and alumni named in 100 Women of Influence

Professor Rosemary Lyster and three Sydney Law School alumni have been named in the 2018 Australian Financial Review's 100 Women of Influence.
31 August 2018

The challenge of eliminating corruption from Indonesia

Corruption has been a long-time problem for Indonesia. As other obstacles to economic and social progress have been tackled, alumnus, Laode Syarif, is working to eradicate corruption wherever he finds it.
27 August 2018

Grant to address systemic injustices against women in domestic violence cases

Sydney Law School’s Associate Professor Rita Shackel has been awarded an international project grant from the American Association of University Women (AAUW).
14 August 2018

Institute advocacy informs public debate on sexual assault and consent

More than 80 policy makers, legal professionals, academics, criminal justice agency representatives and public attended the Sydney Institute of Criminology’s public forum to discuss sexual assault and consent law in NSW.
31 July 2018

AGL and undergraduates partner for new perspective

Six undergraduate student projects explored what our electricity grid might look like in the future and what the lifestyle and wider social implications will be for the choices we make.
25 July 2018

Exploring good governance in multilingual societies

A passion for linguistics, law and China studies attracted Dr Alexandra Grey to Sydney Law School’s multidisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship.
20 July 2018

Conference raises visibility of challenges for queer Indigenous community

The Queer(y)ing Justice in the Global South conference brought together researchers, community members, and organisations working at the intersections of sexuality, gender diversity and justice.
17 July 2018

6 ways politics "trumps" health in America

The Trump Administration has shown time and time again that public health takes a backseat to political promises, writes public health law experts Professor Lawrence Gostin and Professor Roger Magnusson.