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Your pathway to legal practice

How to practise law in New South Wales

This guide to accreditation and admission to legal practice outlines the primary steps from legal study to becoming a solicitor or barrister in New South Wales.

For more information about accreditation and careers, visit our Career Support page.

The first step is to either take a Combined Law bachelor’s degree or take a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline followed by the Juris Doctor. The second step is to undertake practical legal training with an accredited provider. The third step is your admission as a lawyer. After this stage, you can either become a solicitor with a Solicitor’s Practice Certificate or complete additional requirements for the NSW Bar Association and become a barrister.  A solicitor spends most of their time outside court and provides legal advance on a range of issues. A barrister spends most of their time in court making court appearances and are often retained to provide specialist advice.

Did you know?

The Sydney Law School offers the Master of Laws (LLM) and many other specialist legal master's degrees to further develop your skills and knowledge.